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Not so long ago one statement of the Russian president has set thinking on men and modest girls strongly journalists. Something like that is the state behaves as the man, and it can solicit, and mass-media - the woman. And, if decent, should resist. Hm, still then it was thought that harassments different happen. One business when the gentleman in dances not there has started a hand, and another - the maniac in a dark lane the knife has put to a throat. However, destiny women - the press still up to the end it is not clear, though it is looked through. And here that happens with the usual lady as a result of a man`s pressure, we have seen in transfer My silver sphere Vitaly Woolf about Lyudmila Marchenko. There was such actress on a boundary of the sixtieth. The lovely girl with huge naive eyes. Perhaps and talent not the greatest, but armour-piercing charm. Could become a star, but did not become. The venerable director and the big cine chief Ivan Pyrev has fallen in love with nineteen-year Ljudochku, fifty eight years old. Has thrown wife Marina Ladyninu, has blocked to it road on the screen, and Ljudochke has told: Or you will marry me, or never more than any role you will receive . The girl was fair, and with the unloved grandfather did not begin to live. But weak - courtings of the master accepted, however has not managed to lay down, relax and take pleasure. For this all other man favourite, has beaten it, irrevocably having spoilt the person. It is then uninteresting. Then she drank much and occasionally appeared in episodes on the general plan. Very sadly. And transfer remarkable.