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Garik Sukachyov will teach to struggle with melancholy

Today on the First channel in a cycle the incredibility Theory a documentary film middle age Crisis .

Psychologists assert that the awkward age happens two times in life. The second time - between 30 and 45 years. This status is called crisis of the middle of life .

In 1997 fate - musician Garik Sukachyov has shot a film middle age Crisis . Has removed with an ulterior motive that is why as itself has worried crisis in due time.

- It would be desirable to hide in the corner, that you nobody saw also you itself(himself) did not see, - he remembered it later.

This crisis is endured by all people, however men - much more sharply, rather than women. At this time even successful men can throw business of all life, leave work, send to hell successful business, destroy a family, peressoritsja with friends. Some even take the own life.

In a film psychologists will tell about symptoms of crisis of middle age: melancholy, a panic, fear, depression and not passing feeling of weariness. But what it is capable to induce the person on a fulfilment of new affairs is the most surprising.

- crisis is a tremendous thing, - Sukachyov speaks. - because always after that there is any explosion and you start something to do.

psychologists in this sense with Sukachyov completely agree. In a film they only will prompt, as safely this crisis to endure.