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We rescue Russia on coast of Thames

Here that the participant of a forum, a star - in the politician, business, the corridors of power . And at all one, but flaming passion - how to live further.

our elite Likes to rescue Russia. Especially where - nibud on the Swiss mountain resort. Or here now the new fashion - to indulge in the entertainment on coast of Thames, with indispensable fanatstvom games Chelsea and - lja Abramovich, with purchases in the best London boutiques, with land eating at expensive restaurants and dancings under group songs Umaturman called specially from Moscow. Abroad, probably, it is better thought and criticised, than in native Penates. It was still proved by the leader of world proletariat Lenin, loving to wash the April theses where - nibud in Zurich. Here and the present misters applying for a role of masters of thoughts, all by same means follow.

the Former prime minister Michael Kasyanov, without having had time to begin to advise how to do business in Russia, has jerked to London one of the first. And at once in fight . It is time to tell truth! - has loudly declared eks - the head of the government. Probably, heading the Cabinet, he did not tell truth.


Michael KASYANOV, eks - the prime minister of the Russian Federation:

About a disguise comedy

administrative reform Has turned to a worthless comedy of disguise: officials became more .

About waste of Stabfonda

the Government... Has completely lost control over inflation. Will be enough even small reduction of prices on oil that the budget... Has faced deficiency in 2005 .

About participation in presidential elections

Yes, I already participate in different political processes .