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Where to go this year

Popular directions

Tatyana CHUVILKINA, the assistant to the general director on PR the companies “ Natalie Tours “:

- At the last minute it is difficult to receive the good offer across Turkey. In July - August people complain of dearness of vacation packages, but after all it is season peak! Special offers when the prices essentially decrease, it is necessary to catch in May and September.

Lyudmila PUCHKOVA, the president of the company “ Lanta - Tour Voyage “:

- Tourists will not feel the big difference in comparison with last year. I do not think that openly any bright direction. Novelties will be faster as addition to the basic tours.

Evgenie POLISCHUK, the chief of department of camera tourism “ IST the LINE “:

- the United Arab Emirates became the All-the-year-round resort. In June and in February here pass trading festivals. The country safe, it is possible to recommend it to those who gathers in holiday with children. As for children parks of entertainments there are constructed.

Lyudmila SYSOJKINA, the assistant to the general director of tourist`s bureau “ Solveks - Trevel “:

- Even introduction of visas has not called serious decrease in a stream of tourists to Bulgaria in many respects thanks to consulate work. Terms of issue of visas are minimum, to children till 16 years them make out free of charge. The rise in prices for vacation packages is no more 5 percent. Charters fly since April, 29th.

I would suggest to reconsider the relation to Bulgaria. It is impossible to live representations of twenty years` prescription. Even representatives of firm, visiting the country of times in 2 - 3 months, are not tired to be surprised to scope of transformations. New hotels, including on system " are under construction; all inclusive “.

do not pass!

Natalia NOVIKOVA, PR - the director “ BKO Trevel “:

- In Greece the prices will be interesting. Now we can offer week tour in June for 299 euros.

Tatyana CHUVILKINA, the assistant to the general director on PR the companies “ Natalie Tours “:

- It is considered that interest to Cyprus has died away from - for dearness and introduction of visas. But to legalise papers on entrance simply enough. But the prices for vacation packages do not grow, and in this season there will be good special offers.

Evgenie POLISCHUK, the chief of department of camera tourism “ IST the LINE “:

- China ceases to be only the shuttle country. Our company has acquired the right to a visa-free exchange of tourists with China. Therefore to go to travel it is possible practically in day of the reference.

improving tours

Edward of SMITHS, the president of holding “ UTE Megapolus group “:

- We do spetsproekt “ health Geography “ (At a choice of tour having a rest the doctor) advises. That to whom the shining sun is not recommended, we offer lake tour in Italy, Switzerland, Austria (tour - from 700 euros).

Alexander KUZMIN, the director for company development “ the Aurora of Intur “:

- the Czech improving resort Karlovy Vary on - former remains popular among compatriots. We also recommend to readers to go to Hungary. There good medical base, and the prices more flexible. Plus is possibility to visit at interesting excursions.

that is now fashionable

Andrey of SMITHS, the president of Travelling agency “ the Southern Cross “:

- a season Novelty - resorts of Mikonos and Peloponnese, there excellent beaches. Mikonos - tusovochnoe a place, it is elite, but is democratic (it is possible to remove a country house, and it is possible - number in hotel 2 *). Peloponnese is a rest with children, the beautiful nature and archaeological monuments. The serious program is put across Corfu. There will be Crete, Rhodes, Athenes and Northern Greece. A trip to the updated Greece after the Olympic Games - the best that it is possible to think up. In many hotels have entered system “ all inclusive “. The Rise in prices for vacation packages within 3 - 5 percent.

Sergey ZENKIN, the general director of the company “ the Wind rose “:

- There was a category of people which presume to spend $1000 for 10 days. They have already done a bit of travelling on mass directions and now gravitate towards difficult individual routes. For fast and qualitative service of such demands in our company the special department is created.

Evgenie POLISCHUK, the chief of department of camera tourism “ IST the LINE “:

- the Island Crete became fashionable among the population with the income above an average, therefore there will be more charters. There are programs with treatment in SPA - the hotels, the combined tours over several islands (Crete, Rhodes, Corfu). Charters to Chalkidiki where is both rest, and excursion, and pilgrimages All year long fly.

GERASIMOV`S love, the chief of department on work with corporate clients of the company “ GO TUR “:

- the Season in Morocco opens since April, 30th and prior to the beginning of October. Tourists can look at the historical cities of Fes and Marrakesh, and also modern Casablanca. Excursions can be combined with rest in Agadir. Now there are offers on 11 - 12 days, just for May feasts. Visas open for 1 - 2 days. Flight occupies hardly more than 6 hours.

Natalia NOVIKOVA, PR - the director “ BKO Trevel “:

- In Spain a rise in prices for vacation packages to 5 - 7 percent. In June it is possible to go for 360 euros with placing in 3*ξςελε on Dorado. It will be fashionable to have a rest and in Tunis. In hotels is SPA - the centres which offer service of the same high level, as in France, but at lower prices.

Tatyana CHUVILKINA, the assistant to the general director on PR the companies “ Natalie Tours “:

- Demand for Thailand, as on an exotic direction, this year stable (though in the summer there it is hot enough). Many tourists go there in the second time, because in the country the favourable prices and comfortable rest.

Vladimir KAGANER, the general director of the company “ TEZ TOUR “:

- It is necessary to break stereotypes about Thailand. For example, latest developments have occurred far enough from Phuket and nearby territories. In those places which have suffered from a tsunami, the infrastructure is restored.

tourists prefer foreign travel

Sergey SHPILKO, the president of the Russian union of the tourist`s industry:

- According to the boundary statistics (it is conditional enough, but provides guidance on situations as a whole), last year the quantity of tours has abroad increased by 15 percent. Miracles are shown by Turkey (the increase at 400 thousand), grows demand for Egypt, Italy, Tunis, France.


Ask the licence!

Irina TYURIN, the Russian union of the tourist`s industry:

- Ask licence travel agency. They are not cancelled, at least till January, 1st, 2006. Learn from the tourist agencies what product of the operator they sell. It should be written in the contract. The contract too it is necessary to demand and without it money not to give. Choose tour as choose expensive thing.