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By the bus - on taverns!

Germany - non-polluting beer

Here in Bavaria is legislatively forbidden to add 4 centuries something in beer, except water, barley and hop. If your way lies through beer capital Munich to partake beer with a pork leg follows in numerous cafes on Marienplats, pending, when on an old Town hall will start to beat hours, and from special dverok figures in the size in human growth will seem.

Czechia - all to leave a twilight!

Prague - a city of the largest in Europe of clubs and the cheapest beer (about 20 rbl./ 0,5). Among Russian tourists the restaurant " is especially popular; the Black eagle described in Day Patrol Sergey Lukyanenko. A dinner in style others - pecheno veprevo a knee (huge pork rulka with a crisp) and rezano beer (The cocktail from light and dark beer) - to you will manage approximately in 300 roubles.

if to eat in simple bistros and buffets, far away from tourist lines about the same it is possible to eat all for 150 rbl. From alcohol in Czechia it is necessary to try the well-known liquor Beherovka infused on 42 grasses, slivovitsu (plam vodka) and absinthe liqueur (polynnaja vodka a strong hold of 72 degrees).

Here so looks hamon.
Spain - the native land hamona

Is considered that in Spain of small restaurants more than in any other country. And the prices quite comprehensible - for a complex dinner from three dishes from 6 to 20 euros.

In the north of the country submit bakskoe a dish fabada (a string bean, tushennuju with sausages) and etehas (lentil with meat). In the south - gaspachcho - cold soup from tomatoes, green pepper, a cucumber, an onion which submit with toasts. Valencia is well-known for a paella - something of type plova from fish and the seafood submitted on small skovorodochkah. There is a paella and from meat. To accompany all it it is necessary wine from a province of Rioha or traditional sangriej.

With itself it is necessary to withdraw hamon - syrovjalenyj the Spanish gammon. Unlike a German gammon hamon do not smoke, therefore it turns out especially gentle.

Hungary is well-known tokajskim for wine and a burning goulash.
Italy: from the bull tail

On appetizer at least time it is necessary to take a broth karpachcho - it is thin the cut crude beef. Though now karpachcho do and of fish, fruit and vegetables. From other delicacy - the Roman veal roast, the Venetian shrimps on shpazhkah, dishes from a sword - fishes, artichokes and soup - a broth from the bull tail. For those who wants something exotic, it is possible to recommend a local dish granelli (the bull eggs) and trippa (a stewed hem). The supper will manage in 25 - 30 euros, in places is easier - from 10 euros, a pizza - 6 - 8 euros.

Sweden: kitchen of a name of Carlson

In April and May here it is possible to try a traditional dish fish on - spring - special way the prepared mackerel. All-the-year-round submit a soup from goose blood and surprising soup yolebrod. It cook from two grades of beer with addition of the shaken up eggs. On the second it is possible to ask Carlson`s favourite dish - teftelki (kyotbular) with cowberry jam. And instead of compote - broth from tsvetkov an elder. For a modest dinner it is necessary to pay an order 20 euros.

France: peep, oysters, peep!

Certainly, in France, especially at coast, out of any competition fresh oysters. To partake them it is necessary with lemon juice, hardly - hardly having strewn lightly with sea salt. Any other additives kill oyster taste. The portion in Normandy and Akvetanii costs 10 - 12 euros, in Paris is twice more expensive.

Austria: Vienna - sweet capital

Vienna - confectionery capital of Europe. Here submit well-known zaher - a pie - the chocolate biscuit which greased from above with apricot fruit candy and has been filled in with glaze. Here do apple shtrudel - a pie, for which as it is written in the ancient cookbook, dough It is stretched by gentle hands so it is thin that through it it is possible to read the love letter .