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Alexander Lebedev: Ukraine needs today the consent

Some last actions of the Ukrainian power in the country call ambiguous reaction both in Ukraine, and in Russia. We have asked to comment on a current situation of the deputy of the State Duma, the head of Group on communications with parliament of Ukraine of Alexander Lebedev.

- Alexander Evgenevich, some events in Ukraine disturb recently many. How you estimate a situation?

- As you, probably, know, I am kindly favourable disposed to the new Ukrainian power. After the taken place exchange of visits between presidents of Russia and Ukraine there was a real possibility to begin the relation from a blank leaf, to open new horizons of cooperation. As both the president, and the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine repeatedly declared adherence to democratic values. Therefore me, to tell the truth, surprises, when today some representatives of the new power were engaged in searches of skeletons in cases. In what good such searches will not result.

- that you mean?

- First of all a situation round the Academic theatre of Russian drama it. Lesi Ukrainians (to me this well-known because National reserve bank which I headed earlier, many years helped this remarkable collective). Yes, the management of theatre during last year`s election campaign has supported the former power to which Ukraine at present heads it is a lot of claims. But at what here actors? It is not necessary to shoot at the pianist - he plays as is able. If those or other officials are guided now by desire to settle with someone scores, their activity simply harms to the new power. Besides it has not something in common with the representations accepted in Europe about political correctness, the relation to opposition. On a broader scale all it looks like provocation in Platon Elenina`s style - to provoke the conflict, to involve in this business Russia, and then to collect dividends.

after last year`s political cataclysm Ukraine needs calm, and it can be reached only through the consent and reconciliation. If want - through political, moral amnesty. Victor Yushchenko when declared that in new Ukraine the equality principle of all before the law will be observed spoke about it and that it will not revenge the opponents.

- about equality - what do you think of campaign on reprivatizatsii in Ukraine?

is on a broader scale very mysterious campaign. At first whence - that there are lists from three thousand enterprises. Then in the press portions give leaks about those or others figurants and it is declared that the question about reprivatizatsii is already solved. And that is particularly incriminated to present proprietors, nobody knows.

- you can result examples?

- Certainly. It and hostel Ukraine in Kiev, and airline Aeroretinues and the airport Borispol and objects of real estate in Crimea. All is the enterprises which I well know and where process of change of the proprietor occurred lawfully. But if there are questions - bring an action. And that turns out that else before any proceeding some officials make loud and categorical statements, and bosses in any way it do not deny. Similar practice does not contribute in improvement of an investment climate.

- now it is much said that the new power in Ukraine will pursue the Russian-speaking population. What do you think of it?

- to Pursue it hardly it is possible, because this population - the majority of Ukraine. But in variety of regions, first of all in the west of the country, there are serious problems in an education sphere. But matter is not that the state there pursues someone. One of the reasons of it is deficiency of the budget of Ukraine, instead of malicious intention: central and local authorities do not render due support to Russian schools. As a result of school are closed, in their some areas remains units.

I think, we should to knock a fist on a table and to demand from the Ukrainian authorities to provide Russian education, and in it to be engaged. Eventually the same our state language. Now together with partners in Ukraine we develop the program of address support of Russian schools and higher educational institutions. Experience at us already is - except schools, we help to restore Theatre - Chekhov`s museum in Yalta, we build an orthodox temple, the biggest in Crimea. If our state and private companies which have business in Ukraine, support this initiative, we will remove many problems in Russian - the Ukrainian relations.


At last session of the State Duma Alexander Lebedev has made the offer to request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the information on a situation round theatre of Lesi of the Ukrainian and position of Russian schools in Ukraine. However the Duma majority has not supported it.