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The booking speculator recognised fault

In Domodedovsky court them have entered together. Arthur Arutyunyan and Nikolay Korenkov are held down by handcuffs. On August, 24th last year Arthur and Nikolay, under the version of the investigation, have helped to shahids to get aboard planes Moscow - Sochi and Moscow - Rostov. After explosions 89 persons onboard were lost.

yesterday in court have read charge. Article - commercial payoff . To Arutyunyan helping passengers to buy tickets for flights with ended check in (only for 5000 roubles), 2 years of prison as threaten the initiator of payoff. It has given it to Korenkovu, the employee of airline Siberia 1000 roubles for unobstructed landing of terrorists aboard. For Korenkova the public prosecutor asks three years.

the judge has asked at once the accused:

- a leah you Recognize the fault?

- I recognise partially, - Arutyunyan has told.

- I doubt that is guilty, - Korenkov has responded.

He considers that has only renewed passengers from one flight to another that is supposed by internal rules of airline.

- on interrogations both completely recognised the fault, - public prosecutor Kamil Kashaev speaks. - And now deny it is it such protective tactics.

the captain Michael Artamonov who detained terrorists in a hall of the airport and as considers a consequence, could prevent explosions, is accused under article the negligence which has entailed on imprudence death of the person or other heavy consequences . The claim against it will be separately considered.