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As we have tried not to pay for a parking

Yesterday we have told that the antimonopoly service recognised as illegal requisitions from motorists of Moscow ( in capital it is possible not to pay For a parking ) . Yury Luzhkov has signed the decision cancelling rules of payment of municipal parkings. Judging by the document text, till July, 1st in city centre it is possible not to pay for parking at all. Our correspondent has checked up, a leah so it actually.

in search of a free parking in the centre it is possible to tyre out any the gelding . Tver, o`clock in the afternoon. We are rubbed between cars at the house ten. From the person in an orange waistcoat anywhere grows.

- on how much?

- Minutes on twenty.

- Tridtsatnik.

I Leave a denomination. an orange has given out the tiny check: DGUP Capital parkings 33 roubles.

- and in it is written, - I hope to return tridtsatku, - it is possible not to pay.

- we the city organisation, - has minded a vest, - it is necessary to us.

Parkovshchikov on our publication already have notified. But ordered not to believe.

the tourist`s Genevsky area. Parking lots in the middle of the area practically are not present.

- Hour - the twenty, - has barked the old man in a vest.

the lucrative job for people - oranges - area of three stations.

- from you stolnik, - chorus, having glanced in a window, two have barked hloptsa at Kazan.

- and if for five minutes?

- without a difference, though for a minute. So you will pay or not?

I Look on smashed and I estimate that will be with mine a swallow if I will not begin to cry. It is possible to send, of course. But who will give a guarantee, what, having returned, I will not find out scratches on one side or punctured tyres? Anybody.

I stretch stolnik. Instead of the receipt bring a piece of paper: Cost of 150 roubles in an hour... For safety of the car the administration of responsibility does not bear .

the Same situation at an input on the Yaroslavl station.

- and why so it is expensive?

- you do not want - drive by.

- the Woman, stand, - the security guard was threw to the mistress Volvo .

That at all has not paid attention. The angry security guard has nodded missing tsyganjatam. Those were threw to a foreign car. In a window the massive forehead has seemed.

- Pshli, - has bellowed the chilled baritone.

the person - an orange having lowered shoulders, has turned to a vegetable and has crept away.

travel has managed in 230 roubles. I and have dared to pay parking. The car it is a pity very much. Luzhkov has disposed not to pay, but, alas, parkovshchiki about it do not know.

Alexander SMARTLY


And the decision - that false!

on a situation the chief of Department of transport and communication of the government of Moscow Paul ZLATIN here is how has commented:

- If from motorists money demands, but thus do not give any documents, it is not necessary to pay for such parking. But if the Muscovite has parked on a municipal or commercial parking nobody cancelled a payment for such parking.

moreover, in transport Department have declared that the governmental order of Moscow cancelled the day before 422 - software from 22. 06. 04 with rules of a parking signed by Luzhkov, appear... On a broader scale never operated, it was not carried out and existed only on a paper (!) . According to Zlatina, specifications will be developed only in June - July.

- the decision about parkings 422 broke the legislation, - have explained in Federal antimonopoly service. - we have ordered to make changes. The government of Moscow could appeal against against the writ within three months, but has not made it. Means, with remarks have agreed.



And who for I wash the car will respond?

Misters the mayoralty and FAS!

I understand that you now divide our money. And it is not so interesting to me. All the same will find a way to raise from me and more steams of millions Muscovites for parking.

to me interesting another: that you during this sharing have agreed to let out one more law. About that the car accepted on such PAID parking automatically gets under protection of the firm holding this parking.

and that turns out ridiculously: I buy two hundred grammes of sausage, I take the check and if sausage bad, I can submit and obtain to court compensation.

Here I leave the car in tens thousand dollars. And though break its hammer, to me compensate a fig from the company which have put up money for parking.

and the matter is that while you will agree there about my purse, and I - to refuse to pay, the same stojanochniki can to me a car and cripple. For edification.

debaters about our incomes, think of it, and?

Maxim Alekseev, the driver with the eight-year experience.

the SIGHT With 6 - go the FLOOR

Over us is the power of the person with a nail

to Pay or not to pay? Advice here you will not give. For everyone the answer. You are afraid of a nail in hands parkovshchika - pay. You feel behind yourself force, you are able to show it to the same parkovshchiku - do not pay. Muddy such time. A pause between two documents - cancelled and more not born.

the authorities have again shown surprising ability to drive us into a corner. That pulled three months after the writ antimonopolshchikov? The answer idle time. Officials, they precisely know: the people will pay. Even if there is no decision. Even if for doubtful service will give the doubtful check. Or any will not give.

all the same it is necessary to pay for parkings. The megacity power if did not maintain precious square metres would be bad. But it would be desirable, that it is civilised. That figures in checks made not up. That parkovshchiki could render us service, having won this right to the tender.

and now in power there was only one method to fill up treasury at the expense of parking. To fill on us with the person with a nail. It to us will scratch something or will pierce. And next time we will be... No, not more cleverly. Is more compliant.