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The Bravery (Island)

Still one year ago in a category the punk - a disco one group - The Rapture was registered. Today all right to add on also The Bravery. And more notice: elements of easy madness from an arsenal of this command meet in music such ostroaktualnyh collectives, as Franz Ferdinand, Block Party, The Killers... A tendency, however.

Lullabies To Paralyse (Interscope)

It is a pity, of course, that the group was left by a bass - guitarist Nik Oliveri (who will skip stark naked on a scene now?) . And without Dejva Grola it is dullish - there is nobody to personify now a historical link with Nirvana. But look, who has come: Bills of Gibbons from ZZ Top, Shirli Manson from Garbage - let for a short while, but have come. And Mark Lejnegan, one of the best for today fate - vocalists, places too here. And permanent leader QOTSA of Dzhosh Homm does not despond, increases skill. The additional intrigue to all to it is given by a message that for June, 29th concert QOTSA in " is planned; Olympic . On a group site our native capital Moscow is shamefully named Moskow.

Tourist (EMI)

In comparison with a debut album the Athlete this sounds easier, but also more ripened. There are practically hits. It seems, children were defined with style. A problem that approximately in the same direction many other things were defined also, less bright commands - from Starsailor to Thirteen Senses. At the Athlete All turns out more convincingly. Hurry to listen and fall in love with this album before in the beginning of summer will appear new Coldplay and the talented youth again will appear in a shade of classics.