Rus News Journal

People who have surprised us

Vladimir Putin

it is unexpected for all has arrived on a fire in Ostankino which, truth, already had time to extinguish. that came - that? - analysts guess. Not, on - chelovecheski it - that is clear: to you it is uninteresting, when television centres burn? And that after all in these reportings - that a foreshortening bad batteries in the chamber have sat down, and you will not see anything plainly!

the Wrong oligarch

I was the wrong oligarch - Michael Khodorkovsky has declared in last word. Say, luxury did not chase, spent billions roubles for philanthropy, and to accuse me of one million concealment - it is ridiculous... .

it is how much ridiculous, the court will announce in a sentence on April, 27th.

the Correct oligarch

Magazine Time has included Roman Abramovich in the list of 100 most influential people of the world (one from Russia). A conclusion: the correct oligarch should have the yacht, a soccer team, not to spend billions where popadja and - the main thing - to be ravnoudalennym from the Kremlin of thousand etak on 9 km - more close to Chukotka!

Vladimir Potanin

Will be possible to be entered in a principle ravnoudalennosti to one more oligarch who has started to build in the Red Glade a mounting skiing resort - such Russian Courchevel where even the winter Olympic Games can be spent? The French analogue three times udalennee from the Kremlin (it is silent there!) And Sochi - here it, near by...


the Thriller about autostoppers have removed in Irkutsk to beat out money for bridge building. Idea can continue and such scenarios: Strangers (about intrusion to the Earth guest workers from Moldova), 9 1/ 2 weeks (in expectation of pension old men have a good time at the empty refrigerator), Terminator (in the terminal the Sheremetyevo - 2 suitcases) vanish...