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Fomenko will force Ferrari to minister to Russia

In May 2004 - go Nikolay Fomenko has achieved the main victory in the World championship in class N - GT, becoming the third at a stage in France. For the pilot from Russia - success unprecedented. Now before racer Fomenko there are problems more seriously.

it is yellow - Thomas has replaced green colours of the former command on Russian trikolor, specifying that in championship GT there was high-grade Russian Russian Age Racing command. It Also will chase in class GT, instead of in his younger brother N - GT, where Fomenko rulil earlier.

However, to set up high-speed records the sportsman and the showman will be not on the Zhiguli as it would be desirable hurrah - to patriots, and on Ferrari 550 of Maranello capacity of 600 horses. The car for If new, but the workmate old - Alexey Vasilev. With it Fomenko also will protect prestige of the country, for which as Nikolay considers, a Russian team birth extremely important.

are understand and in the government, - adds Fomenko in conversation with correspondents. - after all Russian Age Racing it is created with Presidential Administration support. Support not material, is faster the moral. But, when in Presidential Administration have told, what we with Leshej good fellows, sponsors began to search much easier.

- in Russia all know about the Formula - 1 and about championship GT of the information it is not enough...

- Championship GT - a serious piece, sports for adults. And the Formula - 1 it is now not clear that, show from which as sports smells a little.

- the family is not irritated by your participation in sports for adults ?

- the Family has got used. Races for me simply work. Besides I the person counterbalanced and absolutely not extreme. Any planes, parachutes, rollers are dangerous things.

On it Ferrari capacity of 600 horses of Fomenko will rush off behind victory.
- About creativity do not forget?

- If you about show - business I do not see to myself a place at this mighty factory of stars. Has not grown, probably, to such level. And if it is serious, in this season at me 17 arrivals. On what does not remain to time. Last year has for a short while distracted from the championship for the sake of shootings in the French film Red water . All can soon see this very good cinema about races. Probably, it even will show in Cannes.

- and the director not the Hatch Besson?

- Is not present. Yet I have no right to speak you who removes also who acts in a film though there there will be present stars. And that did Besson or Stallone in picture Driven, is not about races. So, a hand-made article. And we have tried to pass sensations which are tested by the person when the arrow of a speedometer lays down for a mark of 300 km at an o`clock.

- that for you speed?

- Weightlessness. When I the first time have dispersed the sports car, the world has around ceased to exist. You come off everything, except pedals, an armchair and a wheel. And you it is completely not terrible.

- in usual life not lihachite?

- More haste less speed. I across Moscow go for a drive all couple of months in a year and I try on the BMW H5 it is more 80 km in hour not to go. However, is at me Porsche 1985. Sometimes I get out on the to the old woman on a deserted line also I come off.


Nikolay FOMENKO was born on April, 30th, 1962 in Leningrad. Was one of leaders of popular Petersburg group the Secret . Since the childhood was fond of technics and cars. The actor, the composer, the showman, radio - and the TV presenter. It is married to actress Maria Golubkinoj, nurtures two daughters and the son.