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Appeal school: we choose clothes on a figure

At the previous lessons (see from March, 24th and 31 of this year) have defined the colour, and also correct dresses for owners of bodies a keyhole and a rectangle . Today by means of the expert on relukingu, a member of the British federation of advisers for Very Poskrebyshevoj image we will pick up clothes which will hide lacks and will underline worthiness of figures the eight an oval and a trapeze .

Any figure can seem ideal if it looks proportionally. A unique way to achieve such illusion - correctly to pick up the dress.

- even to owners of the most attractive, from the man`s point of view, type of figures - the eight - it is necessary to remember how to underline proportionality of a silhouette - visually to allocate a slender waist, not having lost Thus volume of a chest and hips, - our adviser on relukingu explains.

- Separately it would be desirable to tell about the full. Girls of a constitution of Ruslany Pisanki at us prefer to muffle up in black colour and to carry shapeless loose overalls - so ostensibly they will seem more harmonous. It is the incorrect approach. Black colour - not the panacea, and is better to choose the tone.

Pyshnogrudoj Ruslane I would try to extend a silhouette visually. For example, to change clothes for a single-breasted, long jacket - to a knee or even to an ankle. But the main thing - it not kompleksuet, is proud of the magnificent chest and safely underlines its corsets.


Ladies with a figure a trapeze by right are proud of the harmonous hips, feet and a narrow waist. But here their top part of a body, unfortunately, looks more massive at the expense of big shoulders, a back and a magnificent bust. To worthiness trapezes that to such women is very easy to look harmonous concerns also, the main thing to pick up the necessary styles. The design of clothes should be simple, minimalistichnym, and individuality is better to underline by means of expressive colour of clothes.


Heavy shoulder pads
Clothes with fussy, flower patterns

Put on:

V - figurative, direct or square cut of a decollete
the Jacket of a simple classical cut from skintight fabrics. Or slightly adjoining silhouettes of type a bolero
the Suit shanel - Idle time, direct, with effectively trimmed collar
the Coat of a simple classical cut
sweaters Short and fitting a figure
Things with vtachnymi or is high prisborennymi sleeves ( bells )
Skirts: short, direct, with folds
Trousers: narrowed from top to bottom or legginsy
Clothes with geometrical drawing


Dense, repeating a figure: a tweed, dense jerseys and silk, gabardine, the velveteen, the starched clap and flax.


At owners of this figure full shoulders and hips, to that it is frequent one width. And on them, as a rule, it is applied also an appreciable tummy. To give to a silhouette proportionality and symmetry, to ladies - to ovals it is necessary to underline a line of shoulders and to try to focus attention to the person. For the first the long, elegant silhouette will be ideal, and in clothes it is necessary to avoid horizontal seams, tucks and appreciable details. And a unique way to draw attention to the person - a stylish hairdress and a faultless make-up.


Things with the volume, lowered sleeves
Short, length to a waist jackets
Close, narrow dresses from sticking fabrics
T-shirts and knitted jackets
Dresses with very small (florets, peas) or geometrical drawing

Put on:

Long tops and jackets
Skirts with slightly collected elastic waist without the sewn belt
the Decollete without bows and frills
Things with shoulder pads and vtachnymi sleeves
freely sitting blouses
Skirts: sewed on slanting sarongi, streaming
Jumpers with napuskom below a waist
Dresses with drawings of the average sizes (flowers, leaves)


not Heavy: smooth wool, jersey, shifon, crepe de Chine, the easy gabardine, reaped silk, flax, sateen, a lace.


It is the most womanly type of a figure, not without reason its owner Merilin of Monroe remains till now a symbol of female appeal and sexuality. However, the eights happen two types: the harmonous accurate and full roundish. At these ladies - the eights all female forms are appreciable: The sloping rounded off shoulders, magnificent chest, slender waist, wide hips. Mistresses of such figures should underline rotundities as the conclusive worthiness. Therefore the most advantageous for them a silhouette - bannyj a dressing gown : a direct cut, a waist it is tightened by a soft belt.


with a rigid cut, accurate corners - they will give Things to you boxing a kind
V - figurative and square cuts of a decollete
Double-breasted jackets, jackets and a coat

Put on:

Clothes with the rounded off lapels and hems (for example, jackets - a bolero )
Dresses with roundish or romantic, playful cuts: in the form of heart, a drop, a bow
Things with a drapery on a chest
Clothes with one number of buttons
Belts of any kinds: wide and narrow
Skirts: sarong (fastened on a waist), with assemblages on the waists narrowed, underlining roundish hips
Narrow trousers
the Kimono
Dresses with sleeves a raglan and prisborennymi on shoulders


Soft, streaming: smooth wool, knitted, silk jersey (viscose), crepe de Chine, easy gabardine, a velvet, silk, soft dzhinsa, fine flax.