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Alexander Popov: From association of ROSBANK with OVK clients only win

One of the most successful financial institutions of the country - ROSBANK - unites with bank group OVK . What for this association is necessary, what it will bring to ordinary clients? On these and other questions of readers the visitor of a heading " has responded; the Direct line Alexander of PRIESTS, the chairman of the board of ROSBANK:

- Hello, Alexander Vladimirovich. He is Alexander Ivanovich from Moscow. It is said that in the foreseeable future from 1300 Russian banks there will be hardly probable not third. And separate experts confirm, what exactly small commercial banks as has already shown experiment of 1998, are not subject to the big system crises. In what then sense of integration? How much banks will be saved and where to go with money to the ordinary investor?

- it is valid, now there is a process of association of ROSBANK and bank group OVK . We assume that on the basis of these banks the new financial institution which will have considerably the big capital, rather than existing banks, by essentially other resources for conducting bank activity will be created, it is ready more reliability and stability high level.

from association of banks clients only will win. Our depositary and credit programs for private persons will be seriously reformed to give to our clients more economic and wider spectrum of services. Differently, credits will be cheaper, and contributions it is more reliable and more favourable.

well and concerning destiny of bank system of the country - I do not agree with so apocalyptic scenario. Yes, banks will unite, merge, be integrated, and consolidation process grows. It is objective process. And regarding advice where it is better to go to the private investor, I would recommend to be converted all - taki into big banks.

- Alexander Vladimirovich, is Rjabchenko Oleg from Voronezh. Process of association of ROSBANK and OVK has already ended?

- Now it only begins. We assume that consolidation of our bank group should be finished by July, 2005.

is there will be one bank?

- Yes, on the basis of ROSBANK and on the basis of six banks existing now OVK one which ROSBANK will be called will be formed. To clients of bank group OVK it will be offered to become clients of incorporated financial institution. I want to underline that association bears in itself weight of advantages to clientele both existing ROSBANK, and bank group OVK . The new bank institute will possess the second-large filial network after Savings bank in the country. Already today at us more than 500 branches and additional offices from Kaliningrad to the Far East.

- good afternoon. You are disturbed by Semenova Galina from Elista. I the client of branch Central OVK . I want to learn: in connection with association client contracts will be terminated and be renewed?

- Yes, certainly, we will suggest all our clients to renew contracts with ROSBANK, and documents on opening of bills should be signed anew. But we will make this procedure as much as possible easy, fast that you did not have any difficulties. ROSBANK branches will be registered to the same addresses, and in them the same people will work.

- and interest rates at the moment of renewal will change? I, how the client, will suffer or not?

- In nowise. When we planned actions for association of our banks, full observance of interests of all our clients became a priority for us. So you will lose nothing. Moreover: in new bank the whole set of our depositary services will be offered you. I assure, you will find among them very attractive.

- hello, Alexander Vladimirovich. Nikolay Petrovich, Moscow disturbs. I have a quantity of actions OVK . Therefore me stirs, what will be with minority shareholders if how you speak, uniform ROSBANK is formed?

- Nikolay Petrovich, you, probably, in a course of that the basic shareholder and group banks OVK and ROSBANK the holding " is; Interros . At creation of new bank interests of minority shareholders OVK will not suffer. It will be offered to them or to sell the actions, or to exchange them for actions of incorporated ROSBANK.

- My name is Galina, I work in the First OVK in Ekaterinburg. We are afraid of the reductions connected with association of banks. A leah it is necessary to be afraid?

- Banks OVK and ROSBANK very well supplement each other. It means that the existing personnel of bank groups will not suffer at all. Our problem now - to realise that serious potential which is available for our bank commands. Therefore from the point of view of management we not only are not going to reduce the personnel, and, to the contrary, we will take all measures that the existing personnel of bank has been saved.

- Kolesnikov Alexander Ivanovich from Izhevsk. At us ROSBANK while is not present - there is a bank branch OVK . He effectively is engaged in consumer crediting. A leah will be saved this direction of work in new incorporated bank? A leah is provided mortgage lending?

- During half a year bank branch OVK in Izhevsk it will be re-registered in ROSBANK branch. As to consumer crediting, I want to notice that we not only will save the given service, but also we will expand it. We assume that conditions of consumer crediting in new incorporated ROSBANK will be much more preferential and convenient for our clients. Bank group of ROSBANK and OVK assumes to allocate an order of 100 million dollars within the next year for mortgage development. It is one of priority our programs, and including, and can be, even mainly, in regions.

- Alexander Vladimirovich, is Tarasov Igor from Kursk. Recent bank crisis, probably, has been in many respects provoked by a panic among investors. A leah there are any mechanisms of protection?

- In first half of July almost all largest banks first of all have provided stocks of a cash above permitted standard in branches, cash dispenses, have organised work of all offices during after-hour time, on Saturdays and Sundays. It has allowed a number of big banks to master in the shortest terms displays of a panic and to extinguish a wave. The most important thing - to save calmness and to continue to serve smoothly all clients, to satisfy all requirements which the client shows to bank during this moment.

- a leah you fair consider introduction by banks of penalties for preschedule removal by clients of money?

- I consider a similar measure unacceptable. The client should receive the money in full is a basis of confidential human relations and banks, so, a guarantee of successful development of bank sector.

- good afternoon, it is Sergey from Moscow. Let`s admit, I have brought money in your bank. How will advise them to place?

- We offer now two basic tools for an investment of money. The first - a set of depositary contributions which vary on terms, under interest rates, whenever possible dovnesenija money for this urgent bill. The second - the share funds, which actions now you can get in branches of ROSBANK and in branches OVK . On the one hand, this product is more risky because our management company invests the money resources received from you in the action of the largest companies, bonds of reliable emitters, cities, republics, the state bonds. On the other hand, profitableness on the given sort of a product above, than under ordinary depositary contributions.

For example, by results of bank work on management of actives of clients in 2003 cumulative profitableness made from 35 to 40 annual interest rates in foreign currency. This year still early to do conclusions. Probably, profitableness will appear more low, but all the same remains enough high.

- Svetlana from St.-Petersburg. After bank crisis began to say that it is better to store money in the western banks. A leah is afraid ROSBANK of a competition to large foreign banks? As far as I know, in the Eastern Europe many banks already skupleny also are absorbed by the western big banks.

- Concerning the Eastern Europe you are absolutely right. In Russia of examples such practically is not present. On our retail operations we are not afraid of a competition to foreign banks. It is connected first of all by that our bank group possesses rather serious competitive advantage, namely - presence of very big filial network. To develop a network similar to ours, years and hundred millions dollars of investments will be necessary. As allows us to look with confidence in tomorrow.

- you are disturbed by Vladimir Zamirsky from Moscow. Recently it was occupied by acquisition of new apartment. Also has faced that though and not the small income at us on a family, and a mortgage we do not pull. A leah it is possible to count on reduction in price of mortgage loans the next years? How much it is real?

- I consider that is absolutely real. The problem which the majority of the Russian credit institutions faces, is an absence long resources for development of mortgage programs. It now high interest rates on mortgage loans also speak. We in ROSBANK together with the international financial organisations develop a number of products on which use concerning cheap loans from the international financial markets and use of these means in mortgage programs is supposed.

I think that since October - November of current year ROSBANK will increase volumes of mortgage lending and will try to make the interest rate on them as much as possible attractive to all clients.