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Xenia Sobchak: I sew the Wedding dress at Yudashkin

I Will meet Xenia Sobchak have appointed in Nahabine situated near Moscow where the teleproject " now acts in film; the House - 2 . Conversation went in extreme conditions: the manicurist polished to our heroine nails, the stylist painted over tips of hair. Thus the telestar regaled sweet tvorozhkom and coffee.

- Sit down, of that hesitate? - Ksjusha has nodded to me. - the Journalist should work in any conditions.

under hair dryer hum to communicate with Xenia it was necessary not only to us. Afterwards to Sobchak there has arrived the whole delegation Los - Andzheles Tajms to talk to Ksjushej about destinies of Russia.

we set last questions already in Xenia`s BMW - it hurried on fashion display.

Sasha it is similar to the father

- Xenia, at you was enough gentlemen, but only you have agreed to marry Alexander. It is a destiny?

- There are key things in life which to you are foreordained. But as you will dispose of it, so in thy life all and will occur.

we have got acquainted with Sashej under strange circumstances. It has occurred on February, 19th, 2001 - exactly a year later from the date of death of the father. In memory of it there was a big concert. Sashu my mum has invited. Then all of us together have gone to restaurant to remember the father. I will not say that it is destiny, but is over what to reflect. At Sashi it is a lot of character traits which were at the father. And it too has served its purpose in our relations.

- speak, Alexander has made your the proposal on electronic mail?

- the Lie. We any time were on friendly terms, year it looked after me, then began to live together. And on November, 4th, on the eve of my birthday, Sasha has arrived from America, we have gone with it to restaurant. There he has beautifully made my the proposal.

I understood that sooner or later it will occur. Was hardly - hardly terribly, hardly - it is hardly unexpected. But, when you live with the person three and a half a year, already long do not deliberate.

I can not quarrel with it

- In a telecast the House - 2 you learn youth to build relations. And the as will build?

- I consider that the love have already constructed. I was taken by it last three years - enough big term. Know, how speak: the first half a year you see only worthiness of the partner, the second half a year - only lacks. And as early as a year to you needs to be understood, a leah you can live with these lacks, what is this the person in what it will change and in what it will not change never. And if with all it you agree - what sense to postpone further?

- a stamp in the passport for you, an ardent supporter of freedom in relations, it is important?

- Is not present. It is simply new stage in life. Relations constantly should develop, and they will begin that stagnirovat. To the contrary, this wedding, maybe, that at us is a lot of problems and contradictions. It is necessary to move forward. Lived here so, now we will live differently. Probably, following our stage - children.

- at you the recipe is ready how to live with the husband long and not to bother?

- I can not tell that I in it sincerely believe. When looked at mum with the father which 25 years lived together, always thought: how it is possible? To me even it is now strange that we with Sashej already together three and a half a year.

- that you think of the chemistry theory in love supposedly in 4 years the enamoured cease to be interesting each other?

- the Period of passionate love, a painfull inclination to each other usually passes just for the third year of life. Then the feeling changes. Now at us already a phase of relations not that, as in the acquaintance beginning. But it does not prevent to love each other to us at other level.

- you the girl wilful. And with Sashej often quarrel?

- it is Marvellously rare. I do not manage to quarrel with it as I love: povyjasnjat relations to shout. As soon as he feels that I have a boiling, simply ignores a situation, does not talk. Naturally, at me all perekipaet, and next day any more does not remain forces and emotions to start dispute.

I am not going to stand at a plate

- Also what, you turn now to the exemplary wife?

- to Name me especially gifted mistress hardly it is possible. Certainly, in the house there should be a cosiness, but I am not going to stand itself at a plate or to clean. For me my career is now very important, I give it a lot of time and forces.

- and how Alexander reacts what all of you time try to be in the public eye - on television, on parties?

- He understands that self-realisation is necessary to me. Certainly, earlier we spent more time together, travelled much. Now we see more rare... And that all look at us, is just to it does not disturb.

Alexander Shustorovich and Xenia Sobchak checked the feelings three and a half a year.
- your admirers were upset, having learnt, what you marry?

- If to any admirers my status, it not those admirers whom I value is important only. If you are pleasant to the person - that for any other qualities, instead of for marital status.

- you with Sashej are similar?

- Characters at us different, but we are similar in the relation to life, maybe, in a certain cynicism, in rationality. Still Ekzjuperi has told that the love is not when you look against each other and when look in one direction. In it we coincide for hundred percent. There are any vital principles which at us disperse, unfortunately further. But after all we were reconciled with it.

for example, Sasha has grown in America, he very much loves it. And I cannot present the life without Russia. Still we on - to a miscellaneous understand friendship. For it his family is much more important. For me - my friends.

- and he did not want to take away you to America?

- I am not so similar to the girl whom it is possible to take and where - that to take away though I would like that such sensation was created.

- but persuaded you to leave?

- Certainly. But all my life is a struggle for life here. Parents too always wanted to send me to study where - that abroad. But I resisted. There it is possible to go to have a rest. But the most important in any country - people. We, Russian, such piece goods. At us other perception of the world. And abroad I very much miss it.

I will be the present bride

- For wedding prepare?

- I can tell that it will be in the summer. Now only I start to be engaged in it.

- I heard that you will not sew a dress at the same fashion designer, as Volochkova.

- Totally ludicrous. To me all the same where sews Volochkova. I think that the dress I will reserve to favourite fashion designer Valentine Yudashkin. It will be classical model, but very beautiful. Agree, it is much more difficult to make in classics frameworks something new, interesting.

- and the veil what will be?

- Long. I the first time marry. However, nobody knows, how will be died, therefore I want to be the present bride.

still I know that, probably, the honeymoon trip at me will not be, on work it is impossible. But anyway to me give holiday in the end of August, and we will go on beautiful island. We will float also nothing to do.

- speak, in your circle of rich people not so simply to find the worthy groom. The majority of men are anxious by a pursuit of own pleasures?

- Unfortunately, life in which there is money and possibilities, very much corrupts people. Yes, in Russia there was now a whole group of the young businessmen who have been adjusted on that from life to receive one pleasures.

but Sasha is perfect other plan the person. He has lived many years abroad: in 10 years has left, has returned in 23. All the same partly it the American, and the American society is aimed at creation of a family, children.

- Are ready to endow something for the sake of a family?

- I very many endow and now: freedom, a way of life. The more you live together, the more than such concessions appears.

- now in your life there were interdictions?

- Home life should not be under construction on interdictions. What for then to be together? I do not represent, that Sasha has forbidden something to me. Or I to it. There are things which do not suit us, but we with them are reconciled.

now at me very good period, at all I do not know that with all this happiness to do.


23 - summer Xenia SOBCHAK - the daughter of the former governor of Petersburg Anatoly Sobchaka and Lyudmila Narusovoj (the councillor of Federation of the Russian Federation). This enviable bride prefers the rich and taken place men whom were its former favourite - Petersburg businessman Vyacheslav Lejbman and the candidate in presidents Umar Dzhabrailov. In one of interview Ksjusha admitted that brilliants - the best friends of the girl. Such friends at Ksjushi were: at a robbery of its apartment at student MGIMO jewelry for the sum more than 200 thousand dollars have been stolen.

38 - summer businessman Alexander SHUSTOROVICH at children`s age has emigrated with parents to the USA. Has ended the Harward university. Having returned to Russia, has created joint venture International Academic Publishing Co. It posesses 50 % of the international academic agency the Science . Now Alexander - the head of firm Pleiades. Unfortunately, some projects at Alexander were not carried out: the edition of the Russian version of magazine the Penthouse and attempt seriously to be engaged in uranium business. Now he was engaged in trade in jewelry. And main a brilliant its collections, undoubtedly, Xenia Sobchak.