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Popularity secret: Tell muck about a celebrity

These books now occupy the first lines a hit - parades. Them read so roughly that it is possible to speak about modnejshem a literary direction. And on a broader scale - that the literature where heroes known people minister, happens three kinds. The first and the most ancient is such classical mumuar . The second - female. When the woman writes it a little that saw, and it is a lot of about the victories. Nina Berberova, Tatyana Okunevsky, Olga Ivinsky. Eventually Darya Aslamova, Elena Tregubov and Tatyana Egorov Andrey Mironov and I . I admit, I too had a temptation to write X, Y, Z and I . But I do not possess necessary for the author of similar memoirs quality - ability to present event so that round the heroine, beautiful, clever and talented, crept and the best muzhiks of an epoch asked about a little finger kiss. My memoirs will look too truthful, namely - X, Y, Z and the girl - oligofren which was not able to float, but constantly aspired on the World championship . Well and to whom, tell, such glory is necessary?

well and the third kind, which now on a crest of reader`s interest. Novels from life of known persons which are very well recognised for the reader, but are not named directly and consequently will not bring an action.

the first stage. The author has stroked

the Citation: - Well unless in it business? - Tells Stepa. - Again in the house of vodka is not present. And here the president on a visit p - p - will arrive and will tell: pour to me, Stepa, your mountain ash. And mountain ash - that also is not present. All in - in - have drunk up .

with family Alexander Chervinsky has practically stroked Nikita Mikhalkov. At least that has killed in the first chapter of the shishkinogo wood . On other pages the family solves the problems without it. Anything superscandalous. And that unless we do not know, what the clan of Mihalkovyh is safely entered in any form of government? Or what Sergey Mikhalkov, in the book Stepan Sergeevich Nikolkin, - the person not untalented, witty, eager to female different degree otmytosti and, in general, indifferent enough to everything, except own convenience? Clansmen of it in interview also do not hide. Here such it, our patriarch therefore lives long that does not strain. However, in shishkinom wood to strain to it happens. For such books the detective format is usual. Here and to Stepan Nikolkinu it was necessary to extract nine millions dollars to rescue a family from the blackmailer.

Nikita Sergeevicha have asked that he thinks about the novel, and it is angry has responded that did not read and is not going to read. There are affairs more important. Actually - that, probably, has read, and what for takes offence? The lovely family saga.

the second stage. The author has stroked itself

the Citation: In section of society column Katya with Lena stood in obnimku on a party Moet & Chandon also smiled directly in an objective. The signature under a photo: Secular lionesses .

- And on - to mine, not bad, - Lena has enough said.

- and on - to mine, not bad is when write thy name and a surname. And an occupation, - mum " was indignant Katin;.

Oksana Robski`s Book Casual too a detective. But not, as they say, all of us love it for it. It is considered that it is the encyclopaedia rublevskogo a life though, citizens if it is fair this encyclopaedia is broadcast many years in magazine House in all glamour details. Nevertheless the book devushkina is very interesting not by colour of the form of the Philippine servants, and that slips between lines. The bourgeoisie - a class for Russia new, and prejudices already is. Should be, Oksana itself has not noticed, but all Amusing animals which go by the underground and live in panel high-rise buildings, why - that terrible swine. Lazy, selling, stupid, envious and mercenary. The author has not once or twice told in telecasts that on Rublevke foolish is not present. Oh, Oksanochka, everywhere is. It is the nature law. Not to believe in it - very big omission, and after all the girl with Rublevki should not miss anything?

the third stage. The author obel the hero

the Citation: Unexpectedly it has removed from itself(himself) a cross and has hung up it on a hook for a towel, then through a head has pulled together a long robe and remained in a vest and cowards. Friable, with a loose-hanging bum. Both forearms at it were in headdresses, on left - the bent Japanese dragon, and on right - the naked girl crucified on a cross .

Again Rublevka and again a detective. Any of a good company, where two cinematographers cinematographer Alexander Aleksandrov (" can appear the maniac; Barbecue in provincial club ) Does not love especially. I do not know, a leah will bring an action against me for a cognizance in John Buhvostove Ivan Okhlobystin and in Arteme Monahove Ivan Dyhovichnogo, but the author has not left possibility them not to learn... These unfortunate roll in drunkenness, homosexuality and a waste of own organism. Which - that at them has drooped and something skukozhilos . As they say, vau, I too have enemies, but in the description of their nasty things I would run low on the second page, and in the book almost three hundred. It is amusing, but it is not surprising. Not without reason about the Union of cinematographers for a long time there is a by-word: Look back round itself, not... (A leah uses who in the perverted way) you .

the Fourth stage. The author wants blood

the Citation: Valentina was the woman of other grade. Its day has been occupied by small intrigues and bustle on affairs of the Ignatius which has already lost for a long time ability to independent activity. From the point of view of secular lionesses, she has been dressed monstrously. It was absolutely alien in this circle. Also have invited her here - in this smelling as perfect spirits, for a long time ideologically and commercially solid society, - most likely, for the unique reason: her husband was the adviser of the president .

This book the newest, first published in small circulation which has instantly turned in big and has entered into a top - sheets of bookshops. The author - journalist Andrey Malgin, is called the Adviser of the president . As among advisers of the president the writer only one who such Ignatius Prisjadkin, two opinions cannot be.

a foolish situation. To me, more than ever, perhaps, is what to tell, but expertise vopiet: Keep mum . Because I too in a material Perfectly I know a family of the protagonist and at all I do not want to be entangled in the tasty scandal which dawn ascends over a literary apartment house. I even, apparently, start to understand unloved journalists of characters who on a hot call from edition speak: There are no comments .

Consider that I only the announcer, and the announcer to you will tell here that. This history not absolutely about the adviser of the president, and at all even about his wife. Anybody, however, does not want to such book about itself to live.

all editorial ladies who have worn out a small volume to a disgrace, an arquebuse also gnawed to themselves elbows with envy. The man has appeared is much more capable to polishing bones until white.

Also it is attentive to the one who as work of cleaners supervises... And what illusions suffers affliction...


the People who are not loving of gossips, of course, are worthy all praises, but seldom meet in the nature. Certainly, silly to imagine that such literature has arisen today. There was Bulgakov with the Theatrical novel there was Valentine Kataev with an oblivion Grass and the Diamond crown . In what a difference? The sizes of bestowal we will not calculate - I not mean it. And not that Mayakovsky and Olesha is difficult for comparing with X, Y and Z. Though level of gossips depends not only on the distributor, but also from object.

I mean that Bulgakov and Kataev of the heroes loved, and those whom did not love, all the same tried to understand and regret. In it all difference of the great writer from tusovochnogo.