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The valley has replaced a kefiric diet on Kremlin

In the country movement of drummers of growing thin on the Kremlin diet spreads. In last number we even declared for them competition on the most powerful result. Pleasantly, as platform stars join our movement. Today we will tell about successes of the first celebrities which have joined us. We wait for new demands from platform stars, cinema, sports and from you, expensive readers, on participation in movement of drummers. Conditions are simple. Send in edition the photos before transition to a diet, results and advice, recipes. Our address: street Truths 24, Moscow, 125993. E - a mail: chernih

Larissa considerably postrojnela, including points on a diet from. Alexander`s TKACHEVA photo.
On tour Larissa has arrived to Voronezh is appreciable grown thin. Walking on a city in black sviterke and checkered trousers, it looked simply graceful girl.

and at a concert the singer eight times changed dresses, with pleasure showing the perfect form and a waist. The Valley shared beauty secrets with even great pleasure. Main - reading to Look well - heavy physical work. Here years ten I constantly sit on diets. Last five - on kefiric. But I already so was tired of kefir - simply see it I can not. Therefore has now passed to the Kremlin. It is printed in It is a minimum of carbohydrates, but a diet not hungry. Perhaps, it is one of the most simple variants to be in good shape. And the main thing - very effective. At me the friend thanks to this diet has dumped 45 kg. I simply have not learnt it. So has looked younger!

I specially drive with myself pages from where the full list of products has been published. To all I recommend!

Yana THIN. (- Voronezh ) .

Larissa Dolinoj`s Detailed story about pluses of the Kremlin diet - in the nearest numbers.

Such (at the left) Timur was even in the autumn and so looks now. Anatoly`s photo of Zhdanov and from Timur MIRONOV`S family archive.
the Soloist of show - groups Doctor Watson Timur Mironov: has rescued me from a knife of the surgeon!

Fans, colleagues - actors have already noticed changes in Timur Mironov`s shape. Especially got its questions during a recent concert of group in the Concert hall Russia . A pier how it he has managed so quickly postrojnet?

Other diets have not helped

- I did not know problems with a figure till 45 years, - admitted to edition 52 - the summer singer. - at growth of 180 centimetres weighed 70 kg. The fat then began to collect. And the trauma of vocal chords has completely knocked down. The tumour has appeared. It was necessary to fasten urgently with smoking. Weight skaknul upwards. Also there was I 95 - kilogramme tolstjachkom.

Worried strongly! I the actor. The mood became useless. I tried to grow thin. That only has not tried for two years! Couple of months was drunk by special tea for growing thin. It is useless. Has ceased to eat after 7 evenings. It was tormenting. At us, actors, a nocturnalism. Has refused. The calorie beginnings to put. Too has understood that the game is not worth the candle. In despair has gone to clinic: perform operation, cut off fat from a stomach and sides! have become crazy? - The doctor has attacked. - you yet in that status to cut . And still I have decided that unique rescue - to lay down under a knife.

and here favourite which I write out from 14 years, have given a gift - the Kremlin diet. Here it, I think, for me. All is clear, intelligible, attractive. Has there and then bought scales and began to follow a diet.

a week later has risen on scales - and to eyes I do not believe: 5 kgs were gone. Really! Such with me yet was not. In a month - 10 kilogrammes down with, through ones and a half - 13.

Four months weight stable. I could dump and more, but it is not so necessary.

But I do in the mornings gymnastics. That the skin did not droop after such loss of fat. Even the complex has created. It includes gymnastics of the Tibetan llamas from Plus from fitness some exercises and a number of receptions from manualshchikov.

to Dump weight? Elementary

- it is a lot of Questions, as I have dumped weight, - continues the story the honoured artist of Russia Timur Mironov. - I have refused flatly at once bread, sugar, a potato, fig. have quickly weaned. Thought earlier that it is impossible seledochku is without black bread. It has appeared, it is very tasty.

the first weeks left even less than 20 points in day.

for a breakfast - fried eggs with a ham, smoked fish. Now I have sometimes breakfast buckwheat cereal.

for a dinner - cutlets or fried, boiled meat. Still a sausage I love. From the first dishes - broths with greens. A Russian cabbage soup, a borsch under the full program (but a potato in a Russian cabbage soup I do not eat). For a supper - fish, sausages, meat. Salad Caesar meat salads.

all muzhiks whom I tempt with this diet, peck it is possible what to drink. I have refused beer. From a hard liquor I prefer whisky. Before from whisky the stomach was upset, but now - any consequences. Still I drink dry wine.

already in the mornings honey with tea to myself I allow. Juice has refused. Better in a mineral water glass to squeeze out a lemon, an orange, a tangerine. Has fallen in love with white yoghurt without sugar. I add it in salads instead of mayonnaise, sour creams. In group Doctor Watson still which - who has decided to follow to my example. So all is elementary.

pluses: except fat, was gone also a heartburn which suffered years thirty. A gastritis - professional illness of actors. Has forgotten and about other troubles with a stomach.

but the main thing - became easier to act, transfer all moving, flights on a scene. As if anew was born with this diet. Thanks the newspaper!