Rus News Journal

We write that it is observable

Spring. And here already the first messages about it. From Rybinsk my friend Alexander Shvedov informs: In Darvinsky reserve removed on flight of geese. The attention has involved unusual behaviour of the bird`s flight: geese that sat down on water rose - something disturbed them. A fox? Hardly - it will not go to water. dismantlings in flight?. In the field-glass highly in the sky I have found out sea eagles. Three birds were turned in streams of ascending air. Undoubtedly, they disturbed goose flight. Absolutely it became clear when sea eagles began to decrease, having noticed that one of geese lags behind to rise and is invocatory shouts. Predators began to turn over it low, attacking by turns. The goose beat off a beak and wings, but its forces were exhausted. Sea eagles, following one after another on a circle, operated confidently, but too were tired and have sat down to have a rest on a land islet. Canes it was not close, and the goose remained in the face of attacking. Having had a rest, sea eagles have renewed attacks. In the field-glass I saw, how one has started claws in a goose and has lifted a victim in air. In some minutes all was over - the goose has dropped a head, and the wind has incurred it to an islet where sea eagles had again a rest. All action proceeded about two hours. The goose, undoubtedly, has been weakened by something - a wound or illness, differently it would not beat off from flight .

In the world of the wild nature mercy you will meet infrequently - that a lame duck strives to peck everyone, it is known to much. And still mercy is. Elephants come to the rescue each other. Ravens bedlam try to get out the fellow tribeswoman of a misfortune. Geese sit down, allowing to take rest the tired. Kosuli help to beat off from a golden eagle each other. And here that Svetlana Mihajlovna Desjatova from Omsk writes: As - that, going home, on a carriageway we have seen the dog brought down by the car. It, to sozhalenju, happens often. But this time other dog, smaller on the size whether dead, whether wounded, tried to pull down it on a roadside - planted the feet, pushed with a nose, without paying attention to a transport stream.

in some hours we went back and have seen: the dog managed to pull down the friend of metre on two from asphalt. Suffered it was obviously dead, but other dog has not escaped, and motionlessly sat next. Even two days we saw it in a former sad pose. And for the third day snow has dropped out. On traces it was visible: the dog hinder legs tried to fall asleep dead and, apparently, any time was trampled down by a number .

And gradually about a miscellany. My fellow countryman from the Voronezh region Anatoly Tihonovich Yemelyans has sent the list of the saved up supervision. One of them: I the beekeeper skilled, and a plenty usually at me take root directly on an apiary. But this time the plenty why - that has flown away aside. And where you would think it has fallen? On horns to a goat adhered on a glade! The instinct, apparently, prompted to Borka not to move, and it has hardened stood with an unusual burden on a head. And when bees were shaken by me in roevnju, it has begun to jump, has twirled a head. Ears and lips at a goat were swelled up, eyes have swum away. I have poured out on izzhalennogo the poor creature a water bucket, and the goat has gradually come to the senses .

the Letter from Shuya from Nikolay Viktorovicha Kovaleva: I Live at water and always with interest I observe of duels of two letunov - dragonflies with wagtails. Dlinnohvostye birdies hunt for midges more - come back to nests with bunches mosquitoes in a beak, but also dragonflies - big, spotty as military helicopters, them too interest. There are fascinating competitions in aerobatics: a candle upwards, flying away aside, throws from top to bottom to the water. Happens, the dragonfly manages to escape, but more often it all - taki gets to a beak of a bird. The wagtail thus will by all means sit down where - nibud on a path, on a pure place, some times will strike extraction about the earth and then already departs to baby birds.

and there and then nearby I once would observe hunting of the big green frog for whom you thought? On small young frogs, truth, other kind of frogs. They have just turned from tadpoles to jumpers by the ground and left water. Them was so much that a frog, without moving at all, one sufficed their behind another. I, interest for the sake of, have driven hishchnitsu with kormnogo places, but the frog has found new and with former success sufficed relatives . It is called, apparently, kannibalizmom? Not absolutely so. Kannibalizm - poedane a similar, animal kind. For example, cobras, pikes, bears - characteristic kannibaly. And here the frog hunted on molod other kind of frogs. As eagle owls suffice smaller owls, hawks catch all whom can overtake on the earth or in air. Here that Muscovite Nikolay Pavlovich Fedichkin observed, for example: the Childhood memory. On field proselke on a chest to me, having seized kogotkami a vest, the lark has sat down. And there and then the falcon catching it cheglok aside has turned on. In the field for a lark I was a saving islet. Took it in a hand - heart of the poor creature fought, as if wanted to jump out of a puny little body. The lark at all was not afraid of me. It has come to itself(himself), already being an easy fit on an open palm. And has then departed. And that is surprising, rising up, has started singing, as though for pleasure .

the Marten is considered a wild, badly tamed animal. With it A.I.Astanin (Belgorod region) does not agree. He writes: I the passionate hunter. Not bad I know beasts and birds. Has been assured that brought the daughter does not know whence a blind cub of a marten - belodushki will not survive. But the daughter has brought up the young of wild animal milk from a dummy. In a month he already travelled on a court yard, amazing us with mad mobility. vykormysh it was accurate in meal. Recovered always on one place on postlannoj to the newspaper. Has been adhered to all more strongly a dog. Since three months it went with me to wood and was raised, as soon as I removed a gun from a wall. Well got on with a dog, truth, after suggestion to it: do not touch! since eight months our favourite became adults kunjagoj and we have decided that it is worthy freedom. But the beast has returned from wood home, has lodged on an attic, trading in mice and accepting our gifts: at first will eat something sweet, and then already meat.

month on three our roommate where - that has disappeared. We have solved: has found the place at liberty. But the small animal has again appeared. I have given a hand, and it, having jumped on it from a roof, have started to lick to me cheeks and ears. Day has lived and has again disappeared, appearing goodness knows where from in a month of times or two. And, at last, has ceased to appear, having left in our memory friendly, tender character .

Hunting happen different. There is a tiny being: the mouse - the baby. It is capable to get by means of a long tail on top of a stalk of wheat. But hunts not only for grains, but also for sladkoju a plant louse. The rose Fedorovna Koshel (Moscow) observed once as ate a plant louse on a thin stalk the mouse - the baby. The mouse and a neighbour`s cat has seen. It has, of course, caught the gourmand, but, pogonjav its paws there - here why - that has released that has very much pleased Rozu Fedorovnu.

And how divide a forage sparrows, E.N.Stolbov from Vladivostok writes: every winter on a balcony shelf I expose a floor - an one-litre jar with groats. Sparrows serially dive into it and, having seized a kernel, depart to allow and to another to dive in bank. The conveyor from five - six sparrows constantly spins near a feeding trough. And once I hear universal sparrow vozmushchene. One egoist has climbed in bank and the seed bursts, without getting out, - privatised! Hungry brothers hollow a feeding trough beaks, clap wings and chirp - uniform meeting of the protest. At last, have urged privatizatora to get out from banks. Usually, taking the share, the sparrow again occupies turn to a forage. The same goose a bullet has departed away, being afraid of wages .

And to conduct the past winter. The same Nikolay Viktorovich from Shuya with delight writes all about bullfinches: Among greens of summer these birds are not so appreciable, and in the winter on the branches covered with hoarfrost hang red apples. Usually a flock - four - five birds. But this winter I observed I will melt the huge. Seventy birds has counted. It was any miracle!

and my friend Anatoly Jakovlevich Mitronkin informs on wolves from Saransk: Was going to go for the wolf round-up. Has broken! The huntsman has informed: the local tractor operator of all has interrupted at privady. Has taken out to an edge of wood the fallen cow and a horse and for some days has put at privady twelve wolves! Usually wolves at privady two go weeks, look narrowly, and here have rushed on meal straight off. The reason - hunger. There was nothing to eat to a wolf. In woods kopytnogo the beast was chosen by wolves and poachers. Did not become in cattle villages, means, is not present and skotomogilnikov where wolves thin - were fed poorly earlier. Beasts of rural dogs have carried away. And hunger - not the aunt, losing any care, wolves in the first night have rushed on privadu. The hunter even home did not descend. Has put a tractor away and has got on a stack into an ambush...

and on a court yard already the middle of spring - the best time for supervision in the nature. Arm terpenem, field-glasses, cameras. All together we much the interesting we can see!