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Romantsevu it is necessary shadow-fighting

Modern the Dynamo as if sneers selection of shots at orthodox fans it is white - blue. When - that they only in a bad dream could see history how in their club all key fasts are occupied with people, whose image inseparably linked with the main thing dinamovskim the rival - Spartakom . But in sports, probably, hardly faster, than on to the citizen the fairy tale turns in byl. Surprising process in domestic hockey, when - that has begun it echelons exporting players for ocean in NHL, and nowadays packs buying the most inconceivable zabugornyh stars. Those who watches ice fights inattentively, till now as an April Fools` joke conceive the information that the most expensive hockey player of a planet of Jaromir Jagr plays for Omsk Avant-guard .

Approximately as malosvedushchie people react to a message that Oleg Romantsev nowadays trains the Dynamo . Yes is not present, you confuse, Romantsev in Spartake always was! - try to correct erudites .

Was, yes splyl. And not one. As - that almost simultaneously in a camp of the worst enemies of everyone is red - the white fan appeared the former general director Spartaka Yury Zavarzin, the former doctor Spartaka Yury Vasilkov, the former press - the attache Spartaka Alexander Lvov, the former forward and the captain Spartaka Vladimir Beschastnyh. Each of them has occupied in the Dynamo the fast similar former spartakovskomu that together with Romantsevym on the trainer`s bridge poverglo ardent dinamovskih fans in a status grogi. Yes that we now such - meat-packing plant branch?! - cried out the most irreconcilable, hinting on long since fixed for Spartakom a nickname Meat . Depression of fans has only amplified, when on championship start - 2005 is white - blue have been crushed Zenith .

However despair wails have quickly calmed down, as soon as the Dynamo has started to conquer. These victories did not differ beauty and grace, however have lifted the command on standings top where it is white - blue recently did not appear even on feasts. Fans have ceased to threaten Zavarzin severe mordoboem, have stopped to whistle to Romantseva, and Beschastnyh which have hammered to steam of important balls, and at all became the national favourite. Vova, give! - tribunes have begun to overstrain, having forgotten about the enemy past of the new substitute.

in today`s Spartake as invasion eks - dinamovtsev also does not smell, however, and players with correct spartakovskoj the biography of all three - Titov, Alenichev and Parfyonov. And the whole brigade of class legionaries - to a Czech of Iraneku, Argentinean Kavenagi, Pole Kovalevski - long still should run on the Russian football grounds to understand that such well-known spartakovsky spirit, which in present the Dynamo it is a lot of.

on April, 17th
the Championship of Russia. Spartak (Moscow) - the Dynamo (Moscow)
the Big sports arena Luzniki (the m. item Sports Vorobevy mounts Luzhnetsky emb., 24), bodies.: 785 - 97 - 17 - inquiries, 201 - 15 - 36 - cash desk
the Beginning in 18. 00
the Price of tickets: 100 - 600 rbl., the VIP - 2000 rbl.