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Carving on a skin

- Hello! My name is Irina Bolyva, me of 30 years. I want to correct the chest form, but the husband against. Says that it is necessary for me not to the cosmetic surgeon, and the psychiatrist...

- Hm... Know, there is a popular belief that the people dissatisfied with the appearance, have problems with mentality. And sometimes it actually so. There is even such disease - dysmorphophobia. This mental disease when quite normal people are convinced that look ugly. Here the help of the psychiatrist precisely is required.

but more often all - taki people feel discomfort for a good reason - the big nose, absence of a chest...

- so you advise to go to clinic?

- Is not present, at all I do not advise! That doctor who insists on operation is bad. You should solve.

be tired? Check up a nose!

- Good afternoon. Advice is very necessary to me - I want to change the nose form. Where you to me will advise it to make?

- you want, that I have recommended you clinic?

- yes.

- I, naturally, will recommend the. kulik the bog praises everyone.

- But I not from Moscow...

- you choose the doctor who for a long time practises. And it is even better, if among acquaintances someone did something, here it is necessary to communicate to them.

- at me such acquaintances simply are not present.

- Then communicate to several doctors and stop the choice on the one who has more attracted. Another you will think up nothing.

- and yet will not prompt, approximately plastic operation of a nose how much will cost?

- From 500 to 3000 dollars.

- thanks.

- Hello. I concerning a nose curvature call to Grigory Aleksandrovichu. A leah It is possible to do operation, if it from a sort the wrong?

- So-called congenital deformation. In such cases more often people also are operated.

- and the age qualification is? Speak, brain bones are formed till 25 years...

- If we speak about a nose, even till 17 years.

- to the guy of 20 years...

- It is possible to do both in 30, and in 40 years.

- and you will not prompt the address?

- In Moscow now it is a lot of clinics. I, for example, work at beauty Institute, it is clinic which has opened 70 years ago. It in area Arbata, the Small Nikolopeskovsky lane, 8.

- Hello. He is Raldugin Vladimir Mihajlovich. I about a nasal partition wanted to ask. If not to do operation, complications any can be? The matter is that it at me from time to time gives as though to a head.

- the Most nasal partition will be nothing. But if to speak about the general influences on an organism the nasal partition complicates breath. And you receive less oxygen. And it conducts to gipoksii and accordingly to the raised weariness and so on, and so on. Here in it a minus of a curve partition.

- and this operation long do?

- For one hour.

- Uh you, thanks, good-bye.

Before operation it was better...

- Alina Volkova disturbs, I from Odintsov. You know, at me one eyelid is lowered. And it disturbs me. It is possible to perform operation on one eye, instead of on two?

- it is unconditional, it is possible.

- And at once it is possible - both on a nose, and on an eyelid?

- It is undesirable. Because the hypostasis will be, which too long keeps.

- it is clear, thanks.

- Good afternoon. My name is Elena Timofeevna, me 42 years. Back I did half a year blefaroplastiku top and lower eyelids. At me eyes are deeply planted, and now under hollow eyes have appeared. I want to ask: a leah will pass these hollows or how?

- As I understand, hollows have appeared on that place where there were so-called sacks earlier?

- yes, and poles considerable enough which do not decorate me.

is one of problems of the bottom plasticity of eyelids when prevent sacks, so-called fatty hernias. And it can call skin omission. Actually the status can improve. But not much more.

- And what to make, that has improved much more ?

- you can use any implantatami. Or to perform additional operation and by means of correction of muscles to correct it zapadenie.

- Well thanks.

Grow thin? Be afraid of wrinkles and extensions!

- Hello. I wanted to ask such question. Call me Lilija Jakovlevna Znaeva. I have grown thin for 15 kgs, and at me it was reflected in cheeks - there were pieces five deep wrinkles. What is it? It so should be?

- Yes, because here hypodermically - fatty kletchatka.

- And something it is possible to make?

- How old are you?

- yes it is a lot of, 73. But I still like youngly look.

is a small age.

- well! Perhaps a cream what will advise?

- As to creams is to you better to be converted into beauty salon. Now many hardware techniques, creams. There will better recommend.

- but wrinkles in itself will not pass?

- If only will recover.

- well, excuse. Thanks you big.

- Good afternoon, Anatoly Chibrov. A leah At you it is possible to clean a papilloma from a nose wing?

- Certainly.

- At me the analysis is, it is a good-quality tumour.

- Yes, the papilloma is a good-quality education.

- and it expensively to clean it?

- in It is engaged dermatokosmetolog so I precisely do not know. It seems, about 400 roubles for everyone.

- it is clear. Thanks.

- Vera Vsevolodovna disturbs. At my grand daughter very much ears are bulged.

- How old is she?

- 7 years, at what age do operations?

- Already yes.

- And what about cost?

- From 400 to 1000 dollars.

- and you could be engaged in us?

- Come, we will look. It is Studio of aesthetic medicine at clinical hospital of 1 Gosmedtsentra of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Ivankovsky highway, 3.

the Well-known pornostar of Lolo of Ferrari has become famous for the whole world giving thanks at all to roles, and a silicone chest. Experts find it difficult to define till now the size of its bust.
the Sexual question

- Hello. I call from St.-Petersburg, only it will be possible to be called not? At me a delicate question. I want to perform operation and to narrow a vagina. And that, understand, how it is important...

- How old are you?

- 42.

- to Children do not plan to give birth?

- is not present that you!

- Then you can make vagina narrowing. Operation becomes under the general narcosis.

- and then that?

- Days - two should be spent in hospital. And if all passes well through 10 - 20 days all will settle into shape.

- and back it will not be stretched?

- Well... E - e... In general, for this purpose you should si - ilno try...

- and more tell, please, it expensively?

- From 1000 dollars.

- thanks big! Good-bye!

- Hello, it is Ira from Moscow. Tell, in capital do operations on restoration virgin plevy?

- Yes, almost in each clinic of plastic surgery. And not only in Moscow. Operation simple though it is carried out under the general narcosis.

- and the effect lasts long?

- Before the first sexual intercourse. As well as it is necessary. And plevu restore by means of soluble seams.

it is expensive?

- From 400 to 800 dollars.

- you can increase a genital?

- Yes, it is practised for a long time already by cosmetic surgeons.

- and how? Something insert?

- Upasi my God! The effect is reached at the expense of crossing of sheaves of a genital. Spongy bodies of a penis are as a result bared and they can be extended and sewn in a new position.

is that, the seam will be? And all it will see?

- Who all? The seam will disappear under hair.

is costs much?

- Operation of an order 1500 - 2000 dollars.

- thanks.

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