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CHernyelisichki have frightened Petersburgers

- Have returned in target of wood, began to touch mushrooms and have found lisichkichernogo colours, - the reader Anna the ZAPOLSKY has called us. - I 20 lethozhu behind mushrooms - never such saw. It that at us sekologiej is created? And recently to me the colleague told that videlarjadom with the summer residence white masljata. I then have not believed. And in vain! Also what stakimi by mutants to do? Is - that them is possible?

At once we want to calm Anna and all other mushroom pickers - is chernyelisichki it is possible. Any it not mutants, and simply rare species.

- a rarity that they have for the first time seen more often seems to people, - the deputy director on scientific work of Botanicheskogoinstituta of V.L.Komarova of the Russian Academy of Sciences and simultaneously rukovoditellaboratorii systematisation and geography of mushrooms Alexander KOVALENKO smiles. - Black lisichka for the scientist it is known. In our region it meets. And vottakogo a kind, as white masljata, no. There is no saying, without seeing samogogriba that it. But I can assume that it is simply unpainted ilibledno painted usual masljata. They on a broader scale - that variabelny on colour.

certainly, the ecology status affects and a mushroom kingdom. On slovamspetsialistov, mushrooms are more sensitive to water and soil pollution, chemrastenija or animals. But while any new kinds from - for promyshlennogovlijanija on the nature has not appeared. And here

the old start to disappear. 152 kinds of mushrooms which meet naterritorii Leningrad region, are brought in the Red book. In that chisledva a kind of russulas.

is does not mean that it is necessary to forbid their gathering, - considers AleksandrKovalenko. - Because kinds of russulas 80, and the usual mushroom picker never neotlichit what are brought in the Red book. It is just necessary before, chemosvaivat territory, to examine. And if it will appear that naetom a place vanishing species grow to shift road on 20 metres.


From September, 16 till September, 21st in Petersburg for the first time in Russia prohoditmezhdunarodnyj the congress mikologov. The experts who are engaged izucheniemgribov, have gathered from 40 countries. For them the trip to wood zagribami is planned also.