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Pljushchenko and Jagudin by miracle have escaped in time a fire in Korea

During show in Korea znamenityefiguristy nearly have not burnt down alive

Pljushchenko has arrived in the Korean capital together with the glavnymkonkurentom Alexey Jagudinym. Sportsmen have invited to act naledovom show the Supermatch . Anybody did not guess at all, than all it will turn back.

a day before performance figure skaters have arrived on local stadium - to be kneaded and trained. JAgudin and Pljushchenko have pulled the fads and uzheprinjalis was for kulbity and jumps as have heard a loud roar of a siren. Champions have understood not at once, what`s happened - around nachalaspanika, Koreans heart-rendingly shouted and ran up every which way. Tolkokogda children have looked upward, them at last has reached that all - takiproizoshlo. The skating rink roof was filled with a flame, from the sky on ice valiliskuski roofs, in air smelt as ashes.

- we have run at once to an exit, - agent Pljushchenko AriZaKaRjAn remembers. - To be evacuated it was uneasy: children had not time to remove the fads, therefore ran directly in them, stumbling and falling. Pljushchenko posleoperatsii, at Jagudina a titanic joint in a foot - laughter and a grief!

during the critical moment from former enmity of champions does not remain both a trace. Lesha and Eugene hung together and have together got out from gorjashchegozdanija.

- Now they perfectly get on among themselves, - Zakarjan laughs.

Firemen have quickly brought down fire on a roof. Performances of figure skaters have cancelled, and sportsmen had to return to hotel. After nebolshogorassledovanija which have held the Korean services, it was found out, chtoprichinoj a fire there was not extinguished cigarette.

- we had to cancel all tours in Korea and to come back home vpeterburg, - agent Pljushchenko has told. - Eugene has already departed from shock iprinjalsja for preparation for performance at an economic forum in Sochi which will begin one of these days.