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As in Peter not to become a victim of room raiders

Petersburg sledovateliraskryvajut secrets of swindlers and aggressors of square metres

Continuation. The beginning vnomere from September, 14th and on a site.

In the previous article zamestitelnachalnika the fourth department of an investigatory part of the Main thing sledstvennogoupravlenija at the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Andrey Beljaev has already told, as in Peterburgemoshenniki select apartments at lonely older persons and ljubitelejalkogolja. Today we continue to assort schemes of a criminal deceit.

the SCHEME the THIRD. Sale of rooms vobshchezhitijah

to Whom to be afraid: all wishing to get inexpensive habitation, basically the nonresident.

to people sell rooms in city hostels. Though under the law it zhilene can belong to someone, except native fatherland. Obmanutymubeditelno it is inspired that the law on transfer state obshchezhitijuzhe is accepted, and if they hurry, can have time to become schastlivymiobladateljami freebies. Not to call superfluous suspicions, swindlers spomoshchju communications forge warrants and even register tenants on novomuadresu.

In Petersburg while one group working on etojsheme is opened only. According to the investigation, it was headed by the chief of department of installation iregistratsionnogo the management account under the maintenance of the hostels, operating naparu with the friend - the businessman. Swindlers sold rooms in obshchezhitiina to street Stahanovtsev, 2. For them speculators took from 3,5 to 14 tysjachdollarov. Then handed over to new owners the lime warrant and obeshchalidalnejshuju privatisation. In a deceit of townspeople participated nearby the ten-person, among which - officials of management under the maintenance obshchezhitijzhilishchnogo committee, pasportistki and some employees gorodskihagentstv real estate. Swindlers had time to sell 20 rooms, nasobiravokolo 4 million roubles. And here suddenly in management nagrjanulaproverka, and illegal tenants have moved.

how to be saved:
  1. It is necessary to remember that kupitkomnatu in a hostel now it is impossible. The law on transfer of these houses in zhilojfond did not leave yet (our deputies have hardly started its working out), therefore dispose of rooms can nobody. After all the privatised habitation is on sale ipokupaetsja only.
  2. Nevertheless in Peterburgeest and the redeemed hostels (departmental) with privatizirovannymikomnatami, belonging to private persons. If you assure, chtopredlagaemoe habitation just such, ask the document on privatisation. Iproverte it at the independent lawyer.
the SCHEME the FOURTH. The lime share vstroitelstve

to Whom to be afraid: to all who has decided to buy apartment in the under construction house.

Share building and so business risky, so this sphere still iobljubovali swindlers. The scheme such: a certain organisation invites kuchastiju in building of a multiroom apartment house of all interested persons, raises from them a part of money for the future square metres and vnezapnoischezaet. Sometimes it is simply renamed and pereprodaet the same dolinovym by the interested person. As a result on one yet not constructed house can be vdva, and even three times more deceived, than apartments.

one of such speculators, bossing in Seaside area Severnojstolitsy, recently even have put on the international wanted list. A poluchivmnogomilliardnuju gain, it has disappeared abroad, having given obmanutymdolshchikam to divide not completed mansion between mnogochislennymihozjaevami.

One more case have turned with the settled emergency habitation. Gorozhanevkladyvali blood in repair then reception zakonnojkvartiry expected. Nasobirav from 27 persons 51 million roubles, the enterprise ischezloso all money, having left the house in a former dilapidated status.

how to be saved:

  1. Try not prinimatuchastija in share building. Each such building - huge risk.
  2. If all of you - taki reshilistat the shareholder, choose proved firms with mnogoletnimstazhem in the building market. And at all soblaznjajtesnizkimi the prices of firms - a something ephemeral.
  3. Study with the lawyer vsedokumenty, paying special attention on the charter of the building organisation irazreshenija, given out to it.
According to Association of the deceived shareholders, in Petersburg today более10тыс€ч the deceived participants share building.


Where to complain of swindlers
  1. With the statement about proizoshedshemili a preparing crime you can be converted:
    - in militia (city department of your area, Management on struggle sekonomicheskimi crimes or Management on struggle with organizovannojprestupnostju). There to you are obliged to accept and listen at any time.
    - in regional or city Office of Public Prosecutor.
    their phones will always prompt to you in У 02 У
  2. Write down a surname, dolzhnosti contact phone of the employee who has accepted at you the statement.

  3. That the statement not У have hushed up У ask the coupon - the notification message about prinjatiivashego messages on a crime (on it should be written date, vasheimja and F. And. O the employee who has accepted him). It becomes dokazatelstvomvashego references.

  4. you have the right to know, kaknad it conducts work. About what measures are accepted for your protection izashchity your habitation, you can ask from the head togopodrazdelenija where have left the statement. Demand from it reception.

  5. If at you otkazalisprinjat the statement or you consider that it have concerned thoughtlessly, be converted into higher instances. To complain on rabotupravoohranitelnyh bodies it is possible also:
    - in district court (make the complaint to the inactivity capable prichinitushcherb to your rights and freedom)
    - to the representative under human rights. It temporarily accepts on адресу:ул. Salova, 63, bodies. (812 490 - 58 - 70
    - in Management ssobstvennoj securities at the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. Ph. (812) 541 - 02 - 02.