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The tram becomes fast

Today in a city nachinaetdejstvovat a new route

About it told last years ten. But opening of the accelerated line naprospekte Educations was constantly postponed. And here today it dolzhnanachat to operate. The first tram will go from the prospectus of Engels vstoronu streets Rustaveli in 10 mornings. In honour of such event to a route dazheprisvoili special « round » number. Now vmestotramvaja 57 will run 100. Its line, extent 4 kilometraproljazhet from the prospectus of Engels under the prospectus of Education and ulitserustaveli to Lunacharsky`s prospectus (and, certainly, back). Ekonomijavremeni on all way should make 5 minutes.

is like a few, - have commented on event in « Gorelektrotranse ». - In day, it turns out, passazhirsekonomit on road there and back 10 minutes. But for a month ekonomijasostavit 5 hours, and for a year will be released more than two days.

Quickly the tram can go because will move on spetsialnovydelennoj to a line and other transport cannot prevent it. Zanovopolozhennye rails allow to accelerate momentum to 60 km at an o`clock.

trams equipped with management system traffic lights, and eslivagonovozhatyj will see that is beaten out from the schedule, it can organizovatsebe « a green wave ».


the City authorities are going to relieve Petersburg of minibuses on a broader scale. Vgorode buses with a flat fare will work only. However, popodschetam, on it will leave about 10 years. The list of highways where buses of the big and average capacity can work only already prepares. The Ligovsky prospectus becomes the first, for experiment.