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We make toilet for 15 minutes

Happens, for weariness from feet you fall, and vtakoj the moment falls down a meeting, from which otkazyvatsjazhalko. What to do? On such ekstremalnyjsluchaj singer Irina SALTYKOVA has shared the recipes. Them has added nashekspert the cosmetician - estetist Olga MAJOROVA.

the Shower as a hobby and bodies

- to wash off weariness, I take a usual shower. kontrastnyjdush, to tell the truth, it is not pleasant to me.

if is necessity, my head. I dry hair without the hair dryer. When japostojanno used it, hair practically did not grow. But after togokak has stopped - for a year became longer on 7 the Hair dryer strongly see dries hair, and from - for it the ends break off and sekutsja. For the same reason I stalaih to wind less often.


- If to a contrast shower there are no contra-indications (warmly - vascular problems, thrombophlebitises, menstruatsija and obostrenijaljubyh diseases), I would recommend it as a way bystrovzbodritsja and to be freshened. And to begin and finish zhelatelnoprohladnoj water.

one more advice: take under a shower a head - water streams mjagkomassirujut the active points located on volosistoj of a part, isamochuvstvie considerably improves.

a bright make-up - only for the evening

- Without a make-up any woman looks younger. But I, to tell the truth, beznego cannot manage.

I try obhoditsjaminimumom - ink for eyelashes and shine dljagub in the summer. A vesper make-up I can make more brightly - at me bolshieglaza, and I underline them with the help podvodki and shades.

as it is known, the first the weariness is given out by eyes; To remove a hypostasis, put on them on 1 - 2 minutes special cold gelevye points (umenja they are always laid up in the refrigerator) or a compress from tea.


- Before doing a make-up, umojtis mineralkojbez gas, wipe the person tonic without spirit. It is possible to walk pomassazhnym to lines an ice slice. After that it is necessary to impose day krempo to skin type.

do not use pink or lilac shades - they only podcherknututomlennost eyes. Grey podvodka and grey or it is dark - brown ink, to the contrary, will make a sight expressive.

accent in a make-up make on lips - pick up lipstick on two tones jarcherumjan.

Spirits - under mood and the dress

- Last stroke - a dress, ornaments and spirits. Domau me the present collection of aromas. Spirits I select podnastroenie, clothes and taking into account that, kudaotpravljajus - performance, a party, a business meeting, in the afternoon ilivecherom.


- All is correct. We will stop on the dress. Our problem - to hide weariness, nenadevaem the bright. We choose clothes darkly - dark blue, blue, lilac, white or beige colours.

from weariness traces on the person the bright detail - a scarf, platokili contrast with colour of clothes akssesuar, for example, a bag will distract.

if time allows, shoditena massage

If on gathering, you have hour two, descend on massage. myotpravilis in salon together with Irina.

- in the morning and I use creams, masks only the ready in the evening. Maskidomashnego preparation to me seem not so - that effective. Manicure, a pedicure and other I do houses. To salon I go on a facial massage and bodies. VMoskve I try to get out at least once a week, on rest I do kazhdyjden. I prefer relaksirujushchy massage - it stimuliruetkrovoobrashchenie and a lymphatic drainage. And any painful sensations - for me it is very important...