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In Petersburg Crosses women under investigation

In second half of day on Thursday in St.-Petersburg vsledstvennom an insulator (a pre-trial detention centre 1) " have rebelled; Crosses located in samomtsentre cities, have rebelled prisoners, has informed about 20 hours phoned from kameryv edition the prisoner.

- us here press, - he has informed. - I still will call back...

according to preliminary data, more than 10 women under investigation (nekotoryeistochniki name more concrete figure - 16, and even 20 minors) have refused to execute orders of escorts, have escaped from chambers and have run up on insulator territory. Soglasnoodnoj from versions, after returning from walk there was a conflict mezhdugruppoj minor women under investigation and the escorts, one izkotoryh has been strongly beaten.

around Crosses And actually have been exposed additional narjadymilitsii, and journey on quay Arsenalnoj from Lenin`s area doarsenalnoj streets has been blocked. Moreover, in vnutrennemdvore Crosses extinguished what - tovozgoranie. The third number of complexity vsvjazi with the importance of object has been assigned to a fire. Fire is by this time already extinguished.

according to the representative of Management federalnojsluzhby an execution of the punishment across Petersburg, a quoted number of mass-media, zapredely an insulator rebellion did not leave yet . And at 18 o`clock in podvedomstvennyhuchrezhdenijah it was quiet.
according to some information, disorders can be connected with kadrovymiperemenami in a management Crosses - after smenynachalnika in an insulator has begun a reshuffle pokameram.

Our correspondent in 21. 50 has informed that in at Crosses only three OMON fighters are on duty, cars are not present, relatives too. All is silent, quiet.