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Nikita Mikhalkov: I agree with everyone θη12 heroes

the Well-known director dalintervju at the Venetian festival

Mikhalkov`s New film “ 12 “ garantirovanno vyzovetpolemiku in the homeland, at the international audience it it is unexpected - dazhedlja the director - has won a warm favour.

Gaft has destroyed Garmasha

- your 12 heroes postojannogovorjat about Russian character, Russian soul. On - to yours, it on a broader scale exists?

- Well if the soul on a broader scale exists, that, means, exists and russkajadusha. Unfortunately, in the West the understanding of Russian natsionalnogoharaktera is reduced to bears, drunkenness, caviar, nested dolls, gipsies and takdalee. This tourist representation. I try to speak about etomvserez. “ 12 “ about what we now, about Russia, eeidentichnosti. You know, it is very difficult to us to lose natsionalnujuidentichnost. Especially in bad lines. Today`s Russia in search, io it we speak in our film. Look. Corruption at us is? Is. Larceny is? Is. Xenophobia, anti-Semitism, antikavkazskienastroenija … But all it is not only in Russia! For togochtoby there were no these problems, about them it is necessary to talk.

remember, in a picture Sergey Garmasha`s hero, the taxi driver, attacks the Jew who plays Gaft? And than its Jew kills? That it concerns kego to attacks philosophically, with humour. It is quiet, ironic and wise. And etimunichtozhaet it, beats off its attacks. And if not to talk, problems leave inside, start to decay and escape in sovershennoneozhidannom a place, almost always with blood.

when hero Makovetsky ask in our picture: “ That tyhochesh? “ - he speaks: “ I hochupogovorit “. He does not know, the Chechen is guilty or not. But we takbystro have sentenced it, for ten minutes. Let`s talk at least. It is Perhaps, guilty, but I want to talk. First anybody it neponimaet. But it is suddenly found out that there is no unimportant life human. Yes, one - the minister, another - the fisherman. They different on sotsialnomupolozheniju. But for God of their life are important equally.

dam break

- In a film tell omoskve much - what it became. Western auditorijai no concept has about tectonic shifts which at us have occurred. Therefore “ 12 “ steels for them revelation.

- Now in Moscow in four o`clock in the morning of a stopper, it is impossible to drive chereztsentr. The quantity of restaurants reads off scale … Is not present, it voobshchesovershenno other world! It as, know, a dam held - held, ivdrug - bam, - it has broken through. And here it is all together - both good, and bad, both the shit, and brilliants - has escaped outside, as volcano eruption. It izamechatelno, and is very dangerous. But anything it is impossible to do with it. Kstatigovorja, very much in many respects a picture about it. Makovetsky in finalegovorit to a sparrow: “ you Want to fly - fly, you want to remain - remain, but solve all, anybody for you it nesdelaet “. The Soviet power has accustomed the people to infantilism. For people all solved. And suddenly today to them speak: you are free. And dljamnogih it is shock. And consequently apathy comes. Both will be - and will be.

at each of my 12 heroes the truth. I with each of them agree. Why I, the doctor, should cancel operation, be engaged in this nonsense when I have affairs, work, a family? I have made the business. But it pozakonu. Also there is one person who understands that should sdelatchto - that concrete - to share heat, meal, a place with absolute chuzhimchelovekom. Dostoevsky wrote: “ it is very easy to love the whole world iochen difficultly to offer for the sake of one person “.

I would like to remove, kakbekmambetov

- Many pictures of Venetsianskogofestivalja understood with a problem the East - the West. The American pictures were focused on the terrible dramas called by the Iraq war. Your picture mentions the Chechen problem.

- very fondly to think that is any srednearifmeticheskoeevropejskoe representation which is applicable to all countries. Americans try so to behave in Iraq. What govorithristianskoe Protestant education? If me beat - I udarjusilnee, I will punish them. It is the approach of the western civilisation. And what to do szhenshchinoj which is grateful to the Allah what her son has sat down in the plane iugrobil three hundred persons, vrezavshis in a skyscraper? If to it come stsvetami and congratulate her. And she speaks on it: thanks the Allah that etotak. As it is possible to tell to it: I will kill you? She will tell: “ Milyjmoj, for me this happiness! “ It all the same that vegetariantsuprigrozit: I will not give you some meat. It is a question of different civilisations. It is impossible to explain to the Moslem that it is necessary to have one wife, and not eight. It is possible to co-exist with this culture, having made so that it vtebe needed, to threaten it senselessly. Again we come back besides - necessities to talk, not only to listen, but also to hear.

- when - that you were edinstvennymmezhdunarodno recognised rossijskimrezhisserom. Now Timur Bekmambetov removes vysokobjudzhetnyjgollivudsky a blockbuster from Anzhelinoj Jolie.

- you understand, what piece. I very much would want to remove, as Bekmambetov, but I so am not able. The matter is that, when raven wants to become a nightingale, she can want it only. It will be on - former to croak, kakvorona. But wood only therefore also wood that there is both a raven, and a nightingale.

Nikita Sergeevich is unseparable with the peak-cap the same as his wife - with a bow.

Our answer to Tsushima

- your projects now odinmasshtabnee and are more expensive than another.

Nikita Sergeevich grins:

- Half-lives you work addressed to, and half-lives the name should work on you.

- Can explain iliprokommentirovat your special relations sputinym?

- That you name special relations? We is absolute normalnojorientatsii. Yes, I very much appreciate and I love it. Without dependence from svoegopolozhenija it the man and the person who really is responsible for the words. I consider that it one of the few who takes blow on itself. One totsluchaj when the submarine has sunk and it has gone to talk with vdovamimorjakov, very much about much speaks.

you know, why it happens at me in the house? I never anything dljasebja have asked for it. Never. The such relations are closer, the slozhneechto - that to ask. To me personally. And I very much appreciate that he knows it and appreciates.

- always wanted to ask: otkudau you this peak-cap in which you sport already nonfirst year that in Cannes, Venice?

- I have won it in tennis against the Japanese captain of the military ship. Etafurazhka - my trophy. Consider that it is our answer to Tsushima.

ours in Venice

Domestic cinematographers received " three times; Zolotogolva “ on the Venetian film festival: in 1962 vyigralfilm Andrey Tarkovsky “ Ivanovo the childhood “ β1991 - m - “ Urga “ Nikitas Mikhalkovs and, at last, β2003 - m - at once two “ Lvov “ (for the best film and zadebjut) Andrey Zvyagintsev for " has taken away with itself; Returning “.

“ Zolotojlev “ has forked