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Rent with the repayment right

Leasing will help raskrutitsjamalym and to the average enterprises

Rent with the repayment right

that such leasing, the business world has learnt in a XIX-th century. Then nekajaanglijskaja the firm began to lease trains dljaperevozki coal. And in some years of such use vagonystanovilis the property of tenants. Simply speaking, etodolgosrochnaja rent with the right of the subsequent repayment. Since then shemalizingovyh operations practically has not changed in any way.

has especially estimated such form of loan small-scale business. Agree, conveniently simply to lease at the leasing company to the technician, to achieve, that it finally has made for you profit and at etomostavalas another`s property. Monthly doing payments, you as byvyplachivaete percent for use of another`s equipment, and takzhegasite cost of the equipment. And in some years mozheteprosto to make technics of the.

the question price

In each case a question on monthly payments and terms reshaetsjaindividualno. Much depends both on quantity of subjects lizingovogodogovora, and from the object. According to the companies, in posledneevremja the whole turns wishing are built to get gruzovyeavtomobili, buses and the building technics in leasing. On - prezhnemusohranjaetsja steady demand and for minibuses. And lizingpozvolil to many cities to understand with problems of a volume of passenger traffic in chasypik.

As well as in many other financial tools, here tozhepredusmotreny initial payments. However, as it was already said, rynokrazvivaetsja so quickly that many have already refused them so chtou lizingopoluchatelej there is a real chance in literal sense to begin snulja.

Now about percent. Turns as you have already guessed, built otnjudne casually - in a pursuit of new clients leasing kompaniivynuzhdeny constantly to perfect conditions of the conclusion of contracts. Iesli still about 5 years ago the commission for using another`s good sostavljalaokolo 30 % from equipment cost today it is possible with legkostjuoformit such rent of all for 10 - 12 % annual.

What service to use

Distinguish a little vidovlizinga:

Financial - perhaps, the most popular form of leasing. Anything difficult - vyobrashchaetes in the leasing company, having specified, which oborudovanievam is necessary. You start to use a contract subject, nezabyvaja to bring payments. And upon termination of contract term only vamreshat to continue to use another`s technics or to return eevladeltsu.

Returnable - it is very convenient to those enterprises which experience difficulties sfinansami. Here a principle such - the firm sells the imushchestvolizingovoj the companies, receives for it money and spends on svoemuusmotreniju. And thus continues to use the sold equipment. At full payment of the sum of the contract of returnable leasing of the technician snovaperehodit in the enterprise property.

operative is that case when the equipment is necessary for you for any time, poslekotorogo it to you, most likely, any more it is not required. Obychnooperativnym leasing the building companies - vzjalkran for a year - two willingly use, the contract has ended, has returned to its proprietor. At etomfirma has no right to demand transfer of the same crane in eesobstvennost. For this purpose to use financial leasing easier.

Revolving - principles of its work about the same, as at finansovogolizinga. Only during all contract the leasing company objazuetsjaperiodicheski to change the out-of-date equipment.


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