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Contributions make profit

From - for low infljatsiidohodnost deposits it has appeared in plus

All hopes of inflation decrease are traditionally assigned for August. Last month summer this year has not brought an expected deflation, but temne less the rise in prices has appeared is minimum - 0,1 %. From - for it derzhatelibankovskih contributions were the winner. And in plus not tolkorublevye, but also currency deposits.

time to save

It is time holidays comes to an end. People come back to work and kfinansovym to problems. On a nose winter, so, unbounded expenditure. Asamym in the popular way of investment at the population ostajutsjabankovskie contributions. Last month the first time for this year deposits vdollarah, roubles and euros have appeared in plus. That is holders vkladovsmogli to save the money from inflation.

- In August rouble a little oslab to both leaders foreign валютам:европейска€ the currency concerning rouble has risen in price on       0,22 percent, American - on 0,20процента, - Elena MATROSOVA, the director of the Center makroekonomicheskihissledovany tells the companies « BDO Unikon ». - With uchetomnizkoj it has allowed to raise inflations purchasing sposobnostdepozitov in foreign currency: in dollar from 0,39 to 0,63 percent, in euro - from 0,36 to 0,59 percent.

it is natural, other tools of investment can prinestibolshy the income. But also risk to lose even the put up money too it is great. August has visually illustrated this rule.

investments in the Moscow inhabited real estate, for example, which else godnazad brought huge dividends, last month not opravdaliozhidany. On the end of August annual rouble profitableness podobnyhvlozheny became for the first time negative - a minus of 4,42 %.

For stock market August too has appeared not best month. On itogammesjatsa RTS index has fallen to 4,1 %. As a result real rublevajadohodnost investments in PIFS was low: from - 12,13 % to 12,38 %.

Money can be taken away

Investors of banks are protected from fluctuations of the markets. Profitableness on depozitamhot also is not great, but is guaranteed and fixed. Even if bankobankrotitsja, to the investor all the same will return money from special fondaagentstva on insurance of contributions. Investments to 100 thousand rublejkompensirujut completely, and everything that above, but no more than 400 thousand roubles, - on 90 %.

Strangely enough, but many people in the old manner store the accumulation naobychnyh an abacus poste restante where the rate is minimum - 1 - 2%годовых. But in such a way you only rescue money from thieves, but nikakne from inflation. The mistrust reason to bank urgent vkladamokazalas is banal: People are afraid that if something happens ahead of schedule they nesmogut to take away money. Actually it agree dejstvujushchemuzakonodatelstvu the citizen have the right to withdraw at any moment means sdepozita.

- There are contributions which allow to bring partially and snimatsredstva without loss of percent, - Marina POPCHINSKY, vedushchijspetsialist MF tells Open Society « Investment GorodskogoBanka ». - Rates under such contribution a bit more low, than poobychnym urgent.

as a rule, on conditions of such contribution on the bill should be nesnizhaemyjostatok. We will admit, you have opened the contribution on 20 thousand, on dogovorunesnizhaemyj the rest of 10 thousand roubles. That is if you remove to 10тыс€ч roubles, percent on the contribution remain former.

Be defined on purpose

There are some kinds of contributions. The choice will depend bodily ottseli your investment.

- Initially client precisely should know, what sum and on what srokplaniruet to place, - Olga MATROSOVA, the chief   makes comments; Managements on development of retail business of BankaProektnogo of Financing. - as precisely to represent, what porjadokvyplaty percent is more interesting to it - with payment of percent in kontsesroka or with payment of percent monthly. As a rule, under contributions svyplatoj percent in the end of term the interest rate above. We will present that the purpose - to save the accumulation from inflation and to receive at etommaksimalno possible for the contribution the percentage income, then your contribution - savings with payment of percent in the end of term. If the contribution still ipopolnjaemyj, that is under treaty provisions are possible dopolnitelnyevznosy, it is even better - the final sum from it only will increase. Prietom it is necessary to pay attention, a leah is present at conditions vkladaogranichenie for the minimum sum of additional payments and kaknachisljajutsja percent on these additional payments.

on what currency to put?

In August in a prize okazalisvklady in all three currencies. But if to look at the data for proshlyemesjatsy, it will be visible: in plus there are basically deposits in roubles ievro.

- the Client should solve itself, to what currency more to trust, - sovetuetolga Matrosova. - Today the dollar falls, and tomorrow, probably, nachnetrasti. Also with roubles and euro. Considering that the exchange rate constantly topadaet grows in the price, at placing of money resources on dlitelnyjsrok exists currency risk. With a view of avoidance of similar risk poteridohodnosti under the contribution from - for course changes of currencies razrabotanmultivaljutnyj the contribution. Conditions of this contribution allow necessarily vtechenie to pass all term of the contribution from one currency in another.

to Open contributions it is better in that currency in which you will be tratitnakoplennye means, gives universal advice Ekaterina Valeev.


The more term, the above percent

One more way to increase profitableness of the contribution - capitalisation.

- Capitalization protsentovoznachaet that the profit for every month will join kpervonachalnomu to a payment, and next month the percent will run is fished a great sum, - chief Otdelaroznichnogo of crediting of Management of retail business of Bank « explains Ekaterina VALEEV; Northern Sea Way ». - Accordingly the profit vkonechnom a result will be above expected.

the most favourable percent can be received, putting on big srokkrupnye the sums. Prolongation of the contribution will not raise the income, but dastvozmozhnost to prolong the deposit on initial conditions and posleokonchanija contract term. If prolongation is not provided by the contract ivkladchik does not take away money from the contribution to the specified day, sredstvaavtomaticheski are transferred into account « dovostrebovanija » with profitableness in 1 - 2 %.