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For what we live?

by this question were set geroipremernogo performance a life Demon

the Answer everyone will find the. And eight actors, ispolnjajushchihroli will help with it. a life Demon mentions immemorial temyljubvi, loneliness and search of meaning of the life. Action occurs in raznyhepohah and spaces. On a scene appear: Maria Stewart izshillerovskoj dramas, Pushkin Salieri and Shakespearean Hamlet. Takzhezriteli can estimate Mephistopheles`s monologue from Faust Goethe and Borches`s verses.

- the subject of search of the place in life is always actual. Therefore dljapostanovki we took not one, and some plots world-wide izvestnyhproizvedeny, - explains the choice the art director teatradlja children and youth Small Hope of Alekseeva. - In my opinion, very deep and interesting performance has turned out. Egozhanr I would define as eternal returning .

To be transferred to different epoch to actors unusual scenery will help. pozadistseny artist Igor Semenov has hung up the live screen, on which budutproetsirovatsja video installations. Before spectators ozhivutokeansky a storm and the African wilderness, ancient cities and sovremennyemirovye capitals.

the Novgorod theatre for children imolodezhi Small
avenue of the World, 32, 65 - 54 - 53
on September, 27th in 19. 00 - the Premiere! A life demon.
ticket cost in day of performance from 100 to 120 rbl., predvaritelnajaprodazha from 90 to 110 rbl.