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In Crosses prisoners

have rebelled Protesting against novogonachalstva, they have set fire to a tower

Well-known Petersburg sledstvennyjizoljator Crosses usually looks from outside though also gloomy, but tihimsooruzheniem.

However on Thursday about 6 evenings it has turned to a zone of operations. They were so appreciable that passers-by lifted up a head, and izproezzhajushchih cars astonished faces looked out.

however, such curiosity was dangerous: through a fence continually letelitjazhelye stones and drop on quay of Neva.

above, on an internal fencing there were some tens prisoners igromko shouted.

- we want, that all saw! - they bawled. - we so cannot any more!

the passers-by, risked to enter dialogue, learnt that inhabitants Crosses are very dissatisfied new nachalnikomsledstvennogo an insulator. As they said, usages became even more rigid, all transfers are shaken up, as if in high security prisons, and many things do not reach at all dosideltsev. And now arrested persons want, that about it have learnt in a city. Other way to voice the indignation, they could not find. Dljaubeditelnosti they even have set fire to the security tower towering nadtjuremnym by a court yard.

from street of special actions of the personnel of a pre-trial detention centre it was visible not. Arestantyspokojno skipped on a fence, and anybody therefrom did not pull down them. And votsnaruzhi the militia has quickly enough blocked quay Arsenalnuju, fire-engines have soon approached also.

however their help was not necessary: employees Crosses not pustilispasatelej on the territory, having decided to extinguish a flame by own strength. Semmashin have stood a little at prison, but then four of them have left. triostalis just in case. In adjoining streets there and then obrazovalasogromnaja a stopper.

Under not confirmed information, beating konvojnyminesovershennoletnego the guy who is under examination became last drop which has overflowed chashuterpenija inhabitants of a pre-trial detention centre. It proizoshlovo walk time. About 20 companions of the prisoner have interceded for it, there was a conflict which has quickly outgrown in rebellion.

after ones and a half - two hours, having much shouted and having convinced that ihvozmushchenie it became known gorzhanam, sideltsy razoshlispo to chambers. The informal information, chtosrazu after that in " However, has soon arrived; Crosses has begun serious processing their inhabitants. A pre-trial detention centre management eshchesilnee has tightened nuts finding out, ktostal the instigator of disorders.