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Business about explosion nevskogoekspressa was at a deadlock?

the suspect have released, and have then arrested again

Chechen Hasana Didigova have detained on August, 18th in the city of Chudovo, where onprozhival with the father and the civil wife (from August, 24th and on a site). As an occasion to detention has served priznanieodnogo from the former cellmates of the Chechen with whom it was in proshlomgodu in a pre-trial detention centre. The criminal has informed in Office of Public Prosecutor, chtodidigov still half a year back any train ostensibly threatened to blow up. Idazhe named an approximate place of prospective act of terrorism near MalojVishery. However within a month and it was not possible to a consequence dokazatprichastnost to Didigova to a crime.

- I since the morning on September, 18th have arrived to a pre-trial detention centre, - have told namadvokat Chechen Murat Junusov. - This day expired term zaderzhanijamoego the client without a charge presentation. But Hasan has informed me that to it the inspector came to the chamber. He declared that, chtopodsledstvennogo will detain on old affairs.

and it has turned out. In the same afternoon one representative of the State Office of Public Prosecutor vruchildidigovu the decision about clearing from - under guards on business the Neva express train and another - the decision ozaderzhanii on two old affairs. Hasanu have remembered drawing tjazhkogovreda to health of five years` prescription for which it and have not involved kugolovnoj responsibility. And also business about a robbery of 2006, kotoroeuzhe has been closed in the absence of crime structure.

- on these affairs of Hasana many times interrogated and last year. Onpriezzhal on a call of the inspector even from the Chechen Republic, never disappearing. Then there were no bases it to detain. Why onipojavilis now? - The lawyer is perplexed. - now we any more sobiraemsjaprosto to wait, and at once we will protest a judgement, if it snovaizberet Hasanu a preventive punishment - the conclusion under guards.

Now on the case of blasting nevskogoekspressa at Investigatory committee of the State Office of Public Prosecutor ofitsialnonet any arrested person. Hasan Didigov is in custody podrugim to charges. Official references to inhabitants of Malovisherskogorajona about the help in investigation too while have not given results. proshlouzhe business about act of terrorism from a dead point almost nesdvinulos there is more than month, but.


Lawyers of two other former suspects, Andrey Kalenova and DenisaZelenjuka, too are not going to leave this business alone.

Denis Zelenjuk and Andrey Kalenov made the way around act of terrorism nazheleznodorozhnuju station in Small Vishera. As they said, went vjaroslavl on congress of anarchists. To save, they have gone in putna electric trains. In transition time from one station on another them izaderzhala militia. Participation of Kalenova and Zelenjuka in act of terrorism takzhedokazana was not. During both incidents were vsankt - Petersburg.

anarchists have let out from the Novgorod pre-trial detention centre still one week ago, but onisobirajutsja to sue the State Office of Public Prosecutor about compensation moral ifizicheskogo harm.

- what there will be a claim sum while I can not tell, it should solve mojpodzashchitnyj, - has explained the lawyer odnogoiz anarchists Dmitry Fisjuk. - As soon as we will receive on rukiofitsialnye documents, there and then we will bring an action.