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Rossijskijturist Alexander ZVEREV which has held on 25 days without meal in mounts of China: As soon as I will arrive - srazuzhenjus on the girl

we Will remind that from August, 10th till September, 3rd, 2007 sports komandapod by Sergey Chernika`s management it was alloyed in mountain area Kun - Lun, China, on the river Jurunkash. They should arrive To destination 2, but alas. On September, 12th have been found out obakatamarana the Russian tourists, and next two days - three corpses. Are dead there was a head of the command Sergey Chernik, his son Ivan ivladimir Smetannikov. But searches of three other tourists did not stop.

yesterday, on September, 21st, two helicopters have taken off for mounts. One of rossijskihspasatelej, Sergey (a surname edition yet does not know), on a place vysadkipochuvstvoval an indisposition - it became toshnit (mountain illness), and egobylo it decided to take away back. But on the way back Sergey has seen in gorahmashushchego hands of the person. The fourth sportsman - AleksandrZverev has appeared it also. Now it is in hospital Hotana, a status normal. Doctors promise that will deduce it from long starvation for three days. After all it has lost 25 kgs of weight. And rescuers continue poiskidrugih members of team.

since that day when the group of our tourists in China has not contacted, life of relatives of the tourist from Kazan Sashi Zvereva has turned vkoshmar from tears, prayers, hopes and despair. Then three tourists nashlipogibshimi, hopes thawed...

but yesterday in their family there was a present great happiness. From Kitajaprishla news - Sasha though is strongly exhausted after 25 - dnevnogogolodanija, but is live! 35 - the summer instructor in fitness even has found in sebesily independently to leave the helicopter.

Mum Sashi Zvereva waits for the son in Kazan and looks on all channels as it deduce from the helicopter.

Mum Sashi Clara Aleksandrovna that laughs, cries, when in desjatyjraz watches on TV as its sonny deduce from the helicopter.

- cried all time and prayed, - she speaks. - but believed, chtovernetsja. Its friends to psychics went. Those said that Sashenkazhiv, but in bad condition.

Took hard all these dreadful days and girlfriend Sashi34 - summer Olga, it the doctor - the ophthalmologist.

with Olej Sasha together already three years, it too the inveterate tourist - in a campaign ipoznakomilis. At first simply met, hardly there is more than year back stalizhit together, even apartment the general on a mortgage have bought.

- as Sasha was gone, Olechka to me admitted that for the baby of the second waits (unee the son from first marriage is - the schoolboy already), - keeps for serdtseklara Aleksandrovna. - And I do not know, to rejoice or cry. And tolkotogda has understood, why Sashenka such happy went recently. We asked all of them: Why do not marry? and onmne spoke: What for to me this piece of paper. To us and takhorosho . And now as if all has rethought. By phone namsegodnja has told: As I will return, at once I marry Ole .

- By the way how it has held on without meal so much?

- My father - Sashin the uncle - is fond of starvation, and all of us has placed, vtom number and Sashu, - cousin Natalia has responded. - so 25 hunger-strikes for Sanka it is not terrible! Now eats dried apricots and petrazbavlennyj juice.

the area Scheme where tourists


" suffered affliction; to the Trained organism of starvation are not terrible

- If the usual person has got to such situation and has spent 25 days bezedy, undoubtedly, it would strongly be reflected on its health, - govoritendokrinolog - the dietician to Arina EGIJAN. - From stress and starvation mogutnachatsja various hormonal frustration to depart protective silyorganizma. But for the person who conducts a healthy way of life, kakaleksandr, is fond of sports and already starved, 25 days without meal not so uzhstrashny.

At adiposity long starvation even is used kakterapija. The person can sustain without special harm for health 30 dnejbez meal (certainly, under supervision of doctors). And here waterless much less - a maximum 10.

Anna Kukartseva.

STILL there was a CASE

the Four brave has held on without meal of 49 days

on January, 17th, 1960 the strongest storm has carried in open ocean otkurilskogo islands Iturups the Soviet barge with four seamen - Poplavsky, Fedotovym, Krjuchkovsky and Ziganshinym. Onboard was all 2 tushenki, one and a half kg of pork fat, a loaf of bread and 3 vedrapropitannoj potato black oil. Tushenka and bread have come to an end instantly. Izkartoshki cooked soup - on one potato on a four. Then prishlosest a skin. The boots cut by strips, cooked in ocean water, fried in an oven - burzhujke and fur-trees. On 49 - j day on the barge ostavalostolko a half-teapot of fresh water and three matches. On March, 7th the seamen who have lost in weight on 30 kilogrammes, the American ship has lifted aboard. The escaped seamen have given svoepervoe interview Komsomolskojpravde .

And At this time

15 - the summer Chilean has survived in a diving cave

Dzhoana Cardenas names the rescue by miracle. After devushkaupala in the sea with 20 - a metre rock, it has carried away a current under pribrezhnyeskaly. So it has appeared in a cave under which dome there was air. However to get out of it it was possible only through a diving tunnel. To a vetoj cave, near to port of Talcahuano in the south of Chile, it and proveladvoe days.

rescuers ploughed coastal waters, aspiring to find a body of the girl, and uzhereshili that it has taken out in ocean. Came to to nobody mind to search eev diving caves while friend Dzhoany Manuel Roter has not told, chtoslyshal any shouts among rocks. Rescuers have found out the girl, sidjashchujuna stones in the middle 80 - a metre cave.

now Dzhoana restores forces in hospitals e and tells, chtoupala in the sea when it was photographed together with girlfriends on rocks. Onasilno has hit a head and though has not fainted, not smoglaspravitsja with waves.

In China was imposed the second is found out live turistiz the gone six. He/she is Muscovite Andrey Pautov. About sostojaniiego health while it is not known.