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Sacred Stone, or Pigeon, the book is found!

an abrupt sudden slope
Sredikamnej I have understood Ina again,
That life in mute zatone breathes,
That there is an immortal love.

Konstantin Balmont.
“ among stones “

the Trident - the symbol is ready

In the previous article (from June, 9th) we nachalirasskazyvat about a great campaign of three incorporated kingdoms Arcadys protivrimskoj empires. After inhabitants Arcadys began to name gotami ivandalami. We have noticed that a characteristic symbol is ready were an arch ikrug. Often the circle is entered in the top part of an arch.

but it not a unique repeating symbol. Original trezubetsvoploshchen gotami in horned helmets and in designs tsarskihdvortsov which in the plan always looked as a trident with tsentralnymbolee short tooth of the semicircular form. Such palace was saved naterritorii Kiev, near to Kievo - Pechersky monastery so looks samajastaraja a part of a palace of Tsvinger in Dresden which has been reconstructed priavguste. So the Gothic palace on Petrovsky island, kotoryjjavljaetsja a part of the House of the actor looks.

with what, sacred for this form is ready, connected? As we already told, ancestors is ready - inhabitants Arcadys - were the best morehodami, and the Neptune bylodnim from the main gods of their pantheon during the pre-Christian period. Possibly, it is not casual in hands of the Neptune there was all the same trident.

a temple behind seven seals

Sacred for our ancestors - inhabitants Arcadys, ancient slavs - Stone, or Pigeon, the book is strictly on the south from raspolozhennogona Kuzovsky archipelago of the main underground temple of the empire Arkotov having the form 7 - a petal rose. On island the German Body sushchestvuetdrevnejshy a temple constructed still by god Febom. And on ostroverussky the Body at tsar Volotomare Svjatovite its copy, but in tens times the increased has been constructed.

the input in the second temple was in the centre of a huge arch, and podstupyzashchishchali seven powerful ramparts with walls, raspolozhennymipolukrugom. Therefore a phrase “ behind seven seals “ imeetdrevnie gothic roots. To collars in walls the huge ladder which has been cut down in rocks conducted. All these constructions have been found out by me and moimikollegami as a result of short expedition to the beginning of June 2006γ.

the Ancient labyrinth and a magic gothic trihedral swastika on Kuzovsky archipelago.

the Emperor over the book postroildvorets

And so, the Stone book is strictly on the south from it hramovogokompleksa in river Vyg delta near Belomorsk. In this place in the river Vygvpadala small small river with the ancient name of Inder. Almost before samymvpadeniem the small river forked on two sleeves between which obrazovalsjazaton in the form of an arch, thus having created in the plan an original trident. At it zatona on flat white rocks god Feb cut out tekstsvjashchennoj Stone, or Pigeon, books. From - for it tekstasvoeobraznyj the trident became an empire symbol arkotov.

After Nikolay Gumilev managed to translate texts of Kamennojknigi, directly over zatonom with the text of the Stone book has been constructed letnijdvorets for emperor Nikolay II and his family. And naprotivdvortsa on river bank Vyg - a mooring for the imperial yacht “ SHtandart “. Simultaneously with it to Belomorsk bylaprovedena a railway branch. In May the yacht “ SHtandart “ left Petersburg, bent around beregashvetsii and Norway and expected an imperial family in river Vyg delta, kudata traditionally went in July. It became their immutable traditsiejvplot prior to the beginning of the First World War.

to hide texts - the crime

During revolutionary events under the secret order of the emperor was on -

stroeno three dams. A small water basin of the river Inder zatopilokamennuju the book and district round it. At Khruschev was postroenabelopuzhskaja the HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION which water basin should deluge all etumestnost. But on improbable coincidence of circumstances the XX-th centuries of a dam constructed in the beginning have prevented it.

before deluging the text of the Stone book has been filled up by sand. As we uzhepisali earlier, drama events and  destruction of an imperial family, atakzhe Nikolay Gumilev`s disappearance and knjazhny Marias are for certain connected ssobytijami round texts of the Stone book.

from - for creations of a water basin of Belopuzhsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION the small river Inderpromyla a new channel, and its old delta began to be drained gradually, again taking the form of a sacred gothic trident. And today a layer vodynad the deluged Stone book no more than two metres of depth.

once again I want to be converted to a management of the Ministry of culture irukovodstvu our country. You do not allow to take a crest found Nikolay Gumilev, from a hiding place on territoriiosobnjaka Kshesinsky. Not - looking at my references, do not register kakpamjatniki culture and archeology unique drevnejshiesooruzhenija on Kuzovsky archipelago in the White sea. But texts of Kamennojknigi if to believe gothic legends and Gumilev`s transfers, otkryvajutpered mankind of prospect of immortality and treatment from vsehboleznej and not to open these texts - a crime before it.

Konstantin SEVENARD