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At customs the Samara customs officers have caught a collection of butterflies

the Collection of exotic butterflies have detained some days ago. Directly from an exposition Exotic insects of the world in one of the Samara exhibition institutions. From - for secrecy of the investigation happened have not informed, however yesterday - Samara some details of withdrawal became known.

as customs officers have told, all the collection totaled 54 tablets on which flaunted about 600 copies of exotic butterflies from Taiwan, Brazil, Hong Kong and Europe. Many of them belong to rare species, and some even are brought in the application 1 - 3 Washington conventions SITE (it something like our Red book. - a bus) . Wingspan of the smallest the butterfly - 3 centimetres, the biggest - 30. Except winged beauties in meeting there were also scorpions and bogomoly.

Clear business, this collection decently cost. For example, the price of one only a tablet fluctuated from 12 to 18 thousand roubles, depending on a kind. The general cost of a collection, according to the owner, reached 100 thousand dollars. So it or not, will be found out by the special commission.

as it was found out, the owner of a collection - temporarily not working samarets and by a trade, by the way, at all the biologist. As to it have got cheshuekrylye and other insects - it is not known yet.

Now the customs has brought action about an administrative offence as on a collection papers on legality of its moving through customs borders of the Russian Federation have not been made. Upon termination of consideration of the owner can either fine, or deprive of a collection.