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PIFS and banks war for investors

Investments in Share investment funds become at Russians more and more popular

Contributions with different profitableness

On popularity superiority today confidently hold bank deposits. This year the total of contributions of the population has passed for 1 bln. roubles (!) .

In struggle for the potential client banks for quite some time now began to offer the population a large quantity of contributions with various conditions - poste restante and urgent, prolonged, filled up and not filled up, usual and seasonal (for example, New Year`s with the raised percent) and etc.

almost any bank will offer you some kinds of deposits (at their one Savings Bank from above 20), the client needs to read attentively only treaty provisions on each of them and to choose as what he will consider for itself(himself) as the most attractive.

depending on preferences the investor can choose deposits from three currencies - roubles, dollars and euro.

this year has appeared not too successful for fans greens . From January till October a dollar exchange rate polegchal for six percent and as a result has fallen below a psychological mark of 30 roubles. Experts explain dollar reduction in price by the high prices for oil, and also on other natural resources established in the world markets. Raw materials export has overstocked with goods the country greens and demand for the American currency has appeared much more below the offer. Under forecasts of some experts, the dollar will fall as early as all next year.

the euro yet did not become serious alternative to dollar as the tool of savings. While it is no more than speculative currency. Since January on the end of May he has grown for 8,7 percent, by the end of August has failed more than for 9 percent, and in the autumn again has made up for the of 8 percent with a hook . And on this difference it was possible to win 16,7 percent for 9 months.

rouble contributions have appeared today the most advantageous. And not only because the rouble has become stronger. Rates under rouble deposits today above or on a level with a rate of inflation (12 percent) that protects savings from depreciation. Naturally, the more the sum, the above the rate. Having put on the deposit, for example, 5 thousand dollars, the annual rate will make 14 percent. It will protect accumulation not only from inflation, but also will provide the small income under the contribution.

shareholders becomes more and more

And at the same time the dollar exchange rate in the country steadily falls, and rates under bank contributions decrease. One of alternative ways of preservation and augmentation of means are Share investment funds (PIFS).

we Will remind, in exchange terminology share funds are a collective form of investments. The private investor gets the share consisting of securities, and the management company (UK) helps it to invest it with profit.

This year is noted by rapid growth of the market of PIFS. For incomplete year volumes of actives

PIFS, that is money which were brought it by citizens, have grown in 3,5 times - from 14,2 billion to 50 billion rbl. (!) . Certainly, it is still very far to volume of bank contributions in the country, not to mention actives of the American PIFS which make 7 bln. dollars, but the tendency is available.

In many respects the market is urged on by pension reform - more than half from all 130 share funds operating in the market were born only this year.

if you the person of risk also want to receive the maximum income for short term you will accept funds of actions. If for you the most important thing - to save the invested savings and to have from them the constant income the fund of bonds is that to you it is necessary. At last, the mixed funds - they are simultaneously intended for those who combines both passion, and sense of proportion. By the way, during pension reform portfolios with pension accumulation on the structure will remind the mixed funds. There there will be bonds and actions of the largest Russian companies, and also the state securities.

This investment year has appeared as a whole successful for all funds. average profitableness on funds of bonds has made more than 15 percent that above a rate of inflation. On the mixed funds - 20 - 35 percent, on funds of actions - 35 - 50 percent - manager UK " has told portfelnyj; the Three Dialogue Oleg LARICHEV.

Besides, PIFS share on two types - interval and opened. The first type assumes what to buy - to sell shares it is possible only in certain days of year (for example, once a quarter during two - three weeks). The second is opened for clients every working day. As Oleg Larichev speaks, shares of opened allocations are more liquid. daily the shareholder can dovlozhit or withdraw means whereas interval funds of such possibility do not give - he has told.

However in interval funds it is possible to receive bolshy the income as they are put in low liquid actions which sharply grow in due course in the price.

analysts foretell that already through 4 - 5 years the PIF becomes popular Russian a purse . In process of growth of welfare of the population its knowledge of share funds " will grow; - they speak. By the way, the fullest information on PIFS can be found on a site of National league of managing directors (www. cic. ru)...

Konstantin GOROKHOV.