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The Samara student has won in a lottery one million

conversations on had not time to abate in Samara what large large sum has broken in a telelottery Bingo - show businessman Alexander Mamayev as the fate has smiled to one more ours zemljachke. Probably, day will be included on November, 20th into number of family feasts of Kajukovyh - 29 - summer Alevtina has bought in a booth in the street Air field the happy ticket, and again - Bingo .

- To tell the truth, victories did not expect, - the newly appeared millionaire admitted. - but, as always, hoped - and suddenly will carry? By the way, I the person a bit hazardous, and tickets of various lotteries quite often bought and earlier. It is remembered, where - that about one year has won 500 roubles back.

the husband, I have won one million!

In that happy as it has appeared, day Alevtina has gathered in institute (she studies in absentia as the manager in the Moscow branch of Institute of economy, statistics and computer science). A little hurried, and has already passed was by a booth as suddenly as though any force has from above forced it to buy the ticket.

- by the way, Alevtina, share a secret, - I stick, - what hand pulled?

- yes what here a secret? (Laughs). It seems, right. By the way, earlier I quite seriously guessed - what to take: the right or left hand that from heart. And now I think that it is unimportant. The main thing - good luck.

when on Sunday on the TV draw of a lottery has begun, Alevtina without special hope has sat down by the blue screen. However that occurred further, according to the winner, poverglo it in full shock.

- when at me 13 figures, something at me inside kolyhnulos were closed. But even when I have crossed out 14 - ju and last, 15 - ju, figure, could not believe that to me the happy ticket has dropped out. Sat in prostration, yet have not shown ticket number. And here I as will cry: the Husband, I have won one million! And itself has gone to pour to itself valerians.

actually the prize of Alevtiny has made hardly more a lemon namely - 1 million 35 thousand

276 roubles (that a little more than Mamayev, which " has won; has broken 1 million 31 thousand 55 roubles.)

Have forgiven 5 - a summer debt - and good luck has smiled

To a prize of Alevtina, Sergey and them 4 - a summer daughter of Nastenka in Samara rented one-room apartment. Therefore the vital issue - how to spend one million - before Kajukovymi did not stand. On a family council at once have solved: all prize to spend for new apartment.

- I consider that the Lord has not left us, - tells Alevtina. - The matter is that we were going to get for a long time own dwelling, even have collected half of necessary sum, but there was an unforeseen. Have given money on loan, yes a debt to us and have not returned... Eventually we have forgiven a five years` debt, and it is necessary such to happen - same week have won one million. By the way, to this good luck the mistress of apartment predicted to us joyful event. When we only drove, she has told: At me apartment happy. All who moves down from it, carry things already in the house .

Nastenka is glad to the Most mum`s prize. She asked to construct for a long time to it the house. Now at the child, Kajukovy hope, there will be a room. Millionaires regret for one - had not time to scan the happy ticket - for memory of good luck.

- Alevtina, will play still a lottery?

- certainly, suddenly will carry (smiles). Though such good luck, probably, only time in life happens.