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to the Harmony the Indian

In a hockey superleague has stopped soon equator. On exod of the second circle Magnitogorsk the Metallurgist on native ice shlestnulsja with Tolyatti Ladoj . Both clubs constantly come each other on heels, instead of so a long time they with identical quantity of points have appeared on the top of standings. Someone should draw now a blanket on itself(himself).

Magnitogorsk has surprised Tolyatti game naoshchup

It there was a struggle of two essentially different game philosophies. the metallurgist - traditionally attacking command, and the Harmony is famous for the impenetrable, accurately organised defence. Here also rushed magnitogortsy to attack all in a crowd. Even defenders Forward flied! In each blow on a washer put so much passion that unfortunate krugljash flew away on fantastic distances. Few times players managed to throw even from - for own backs, without looking. CHe create! - fans shouted. - Naoshchup play! however game naoshchup has yielded good result. Volzhane that only did not do: drop to the opponent under feet, clung to it sticks, once even have jumped out on ice six together (instead of five) - have broken numerical structure. And all - taki have received a goal in the gate already in the first period. By the way, both at visitors, and at owners of a collar citizens of Canada preserved. The goalkeeper the Metallurgist Norms of Marakl - the real North American Indian. Its grandfather when - that even headed a nation reservation mohavk. By the way, for quite some time now one lives in Magnitogorsk of Norms not, to it from Canada there has arrived the girlfriend.

about the goalkeeper Frets Jean - to Francois Labbe told - a wall . And it for game has gaped four washers! In last period it have replaced with Vasily Koshechkina`s Russian giant (its growth of two metres). Here he - that has really made a stand - almost has completely partitioned off the gate, any washer more there has not slipped. However it was cold comfort - a match - that has ended with catastrophic for Frets the bill 0:4! In the first and second period of visitors on time have afflicted Gusmans and Carps, and in the third twenty minutes has twice caused a stir Gladsky.

All has begun with a virtual goal

- Probably, we vysokovato have got for present structure, - with bitter sarcasm the trainer volzhan Peter Vorobev has noticed. - and the course of this meeting was strongly affected by the very first goal.

by the way, before the beginning of a match the fellow in a suit of a red young fox (a young fox of Timosha - a talisman the Metallurgist ) For fun zapulnul an imagined washer in gate Frets . A leah from its easy hand magnitogortsy have dry beaten the opponent? Timosha admitted that in this season it before each match scored to the opponent virtual goals. Also that you think, from all house games the Metallurgist has blown only one - with Novosibirsk Siberia . And that it happens, when Anton Anufriev (he usually leaves on ice in an image of a young fox) was ill, and instead of it the doubler acted.

specially for the Samara fans Lydia PAVLENKO (- Chelyabinsk ).