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As guys from Tolyatti have tempted Tatu

Even in the summer infamous group Tatu declared competition on the best amateur clip love. The action was spent in Russia, Japan and in all countries, which little girls have visited within the limits of the world tour Show me Love. And here sensation: the winners who have acquired the right to visit at a concert Tatu in Japan and also to show the works on the hugest in the world screens Tokyo Dome, there were simple Tolyatti guys - Sergey Gridin and Alexander Brjuhnin.

However to test in a role klipmejkerov friends have solved at all for the sake of Japan, and is exclusive for the sake of art. Having sat behind a beer mug, a concert video back have decided to remove in fashionable now style a trash. But, as in the conditions of competition appeared all - taki a clip about love, as object of this tender feeling have been chosen... plavlenye curd cakes. The chilling I smother a love story to the gluttony, removed on the usual household chamber, it has turned out on - to the present touching. The girl, possessed love to plavlenym to curd cakes, rushes with them on capital, devouring this product in extreme quantities and gradually losing from it orientation in space and in time... Eventually, having kneaded unlimited quantity plavlenyh curd cakes, the poor thing appears in night club where to it it becomes definitive badly... And it begins makes love to the favourite delicacy in a ladies` room... A full trash, in general...

it is necessary to tell, and tatushek and the jury has resulted creation in indescribable delight. Only on the worldly-wise producer of group Ivan Shapovalova a trash on - toljattinski impression has not made - probably, he loves something pogorjachej. Nevertheless Sergey and Alexander`s clip along with one more work has been recognised the best. And on first of December at solemn ceremony MTV work have awarded with the main prize - a trip to Japan. However already before tours organizers paternal - that zazhadnichali also have given only one vacation package. Therefore to the country of the blossoming Oriental cherry, hunting Murakami and nepuganogo Sorokin there has gone Sergey - so the lot has dropped out. The person it, by the way, prepared - in due time Gridin with the brother have created certain psihodeliko - the noise project Dja a noise playing exclusively (from English - noise) and electroacoustics... And Alexander works on Mosfilm so too a sign with a material .

However in Japan zaslantsu it was not possible to do noise to Sergey - it has modestly acted in a role of the observer. Tatushki have seemed to it simple zazvezdivshimi little girls but with musicians, sound producers and technicians it has found at once common language and spent with them all time. Remembers, how before flying away at the airport Ivan Shapovalov who has obviously touched with alcohol has suddenly fallen down winners, from - for what group long did not start up in the plane. Sergey has already said goodbye to dream of Japan... But the producer taki has broken aboard and has arranged in air boundless show which pilots and dispatchers will see still for a long time in dreadful dreams.

as to concerts, and them was two, Sergey was more impressed the with the first, thought more over and prepared while the second went on naked enthusiasm of yet not recovered Shapovalova...


On a question why as object of love children have chosen foodstuff, instead of, say, each other as specificity of the competition assumes, Sasha missing in loneliness has responded: We simply good friends. Also it is not necessary to search that we have taken part in this action, any latent sense . But if Boris Moiseyev and Nilda Fernandez suddenly will decide again to declare any video competition, toljattintsy will necessarily create something such...