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Wings and Spartak divide players

Before the season beginning - 2003 Krylja Sovetov have leased on half a year at Spartaka two young and talented football players - 19 - summer Dmitry Kudryashov and Peter Nemova. Neither that, nor another plainly in the Samara command have not played, but the management volzhan all - taki has decided to prolong in the summer rent term for half a year - till the end of a season, and then intended to redeem players at Spartaka definitively. But yesterday the president spartakovtsev Andrey Chervichenko has declared that Kudryashov and Nemov come back to Moscow because samartsy so for them and have not paid. For the president Wings Herman Tkachenko such turn of events became the big unexpectedness:

- very much would like, that Nemov and Kudryashov remained in our command. I do not doubt that in a new season, with the trainer new the main thing they can reveal on - new. Especially strong desire to remain in our club is at both football players. Therefore the decision on prolongation of term of rent for one year is accepted, - Tkachenko has told.

for certain these losses if all of them take place, do not become for Wings the last. It is known that shortly Advice Bulatovym, Lilo, Rashovichem and Gaushu should leave Bushmanovym. Under the big question and Tikhonov`s Samara future and Chichkina which have declared the desire to return in Volgograd the Rotor .

Besides, will not support Wings the defender of Russian national team Victor Onopko who should sign one of these days the contract with English an Everton . And the president Wings Herman Tkachenko besides has denied words of the vice-president of club Jani Dimitrova about interest samartsev to well-known English attacking Teddi Sheringemu.