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To give housing and communal services to businessmen or not to give?

in the centre of federation the Internet - educations there has passed discussion on a burning subject for Samara. Debatable club Focus - group discussed a reforming question housing - municipal services. That a situation in this sphere critical, for anybody not a secret. And simple variants and ready decisions anybody big and clever to prepare for us has not taken care. Therefore it is a high time to solve questions the whole world. And for this purpose it is necessary to represent well that such housing and communal services sphere today.

Networks decay...

As soon as speech comes about percent of deterioration of municipal networks, at all at once emerges figure 70 of percent. Now this data is considered almost official. However in actual fact all is much heavier.

- that we now have, at all does not approach under definition deterioration percent - the main housing inspector of the Samara region Alexey Kazadaev considers. - available specifications pay off, proceeding from operation and necessary planned repair. But, unfortunately, as those planned and major repairs by decades it is not spent. Therefore, speaking about 70 %, we assume only theoretical degree of deterioration of networks, and practical - much more above.

does not exist today and uniform techniques of an estimation of a status of habitation. Therefore to understand, housing communications, now extremely difficult how much are actually worn out.

... And not to write off habitation

Today the considerable part of our habitation is in a status which is characterised as shabby and emergency. Aggravates a situation that building of new habitation vetshanija lags behind rates, and it is considerable. However standard write-off of a dwelling unit does not occur more often. Today there is no even a corresponding body which would define suitability of habitation for the further residing.

however it only one, a question formality. There is also another, much more vital and painfull. And both for the population, and for the authorities.

- even if the body and the commission will be created will tell: it is impossible to live - and what further - that to do? - Asks a reasonable question the mayor

Tchapaevsk Nikolay Malakhov. - under it financing is necessary, building resources are necessary. And so we only will give food for conversations of people which will live in such houses. These tenants then will come and will tell: to Live - that in this house it is impossible, give us habitation will show the document official... And money for the decision of these problems neither at federal level, nor on provincial, on municipal all the same is not present. And here deadlock!

however an occasion to be glad, let while also insignificant, nevertheless is. Not so long ago to Samara means under a pulling down of shabby habitation have started to arrive. However, we and did not manage to learn, leah has received under this program apartment though one person.

batteries become hot not

Now some support that, as without money, say, it is possible to guide an order.

it is necessary to toughen only responsibility, yes to ask to a postphysiognomy. Which - what results this method, certainly, will give.

- we face very often that we hold on an exit that water temperature which should correspond to the schedule, and in batteries cold, - the first deputy of the sales manager of joint-stock company " has told; SAMUEK Valery Syzrantsev. Is occurs because in the house the heating system is not adjusted. The difference between temperature of entering network water and leaving should be 25 - 28 degrees. Only then this water will give all warmly which it bears with herself. And when the temperature of leaving water of degrees 12 becomes - absolutely clearly that in the house the heat supply system is not adjusted. That it to make, it is not necessary the big expenses, competent actions are necessary.

however administrative measures are effective only to a certain limit. The most ardent supporters of crackdown today are urged to agree with it even.

- even if we will do the utmost from the point of view of the subjective factor we leave at the best percent on 30, no more, in the decision of this question, - the mayor of Tchapaevsk Nikolay Malakhov confirms. - we here say that the mechanic qualified, good, responsible here is necessary. But that such mechanic to pick up, he should pay. On those means on which we now hold workers ZHEKov, normal experts will not go, they should pay and pay - that again money considerable. I any more do not concern other aspects. Therefore without money the solution of a problem is possible only percent on 30.

Growth of tariffs will give nothing

Growth of tariffs for services in housing and communal services is also the deadlock decision. Housing - the municipal fund consists of 2 parts: 1 - financial, it is population payments, and 2 - budgetary. Theoretically, if to increase population payments in the budget money should be liberated. But it does not occur. However under the law if the payment for utilities makes more than 20 % of your income the state compensates a difference by means of grants. Plus from the grant budget is received by various categories of exempts. And it is a vicious circle. For example, if in 2000 of a grant to preferential categories of citizens on payment housing - utilities in Petromountain area of the Samara region made monthly 150 thousand roubles, this year this sum has increased to 300 thousand roubles, and for 2004 in the budget it is necessary to put not less than 500 thousand roubles. By estimates of experts, by 2006 local budgets will not consult with the social functions.

- here Tchapaevsk this year left on 57,5 %. But for me it is a ceiling, - the head of administration of a city Nikolay Malakhov has declared. - I receive the additional income in 24 million rbl. But for the same year as grants I give out already 28 million Where to me to raise further? For me it is a ceiling. I consider that the population is capable to pay no more than 57,3 % from real cost of utilities.

the necessary effect could be reached, according to the inhabitant of Samara Victor Abarina if to freeze tariffs for the certain period of time and simultaneously to increase loading of payments by the population. However after that tariffs - that all the same will jump up...

monopolies are inevitable

There is a known Russian proverb: at seven nurses the child without an eye. Today delivery of heat from a boiler-house to a radiator three organisations carry out a minimum. And everyone carries out control on a certain piece. And on each site occur nakrutki to contain these firms. Cardinally to change a situation it is possible, only having passed all chain per customer.

- today the monopolist should be responsible for giving of heat from object to a radiator, - one of inhabitants of Samara Victor Abarin considers. - In one hands there should be an electricity from power station to the socket, water - from a water fence to the crane. Look, how much it will be cleaned intermediate links. We can use more effectively financially - technical base, financially to interest a housekeeping staff.

by the way, in this plan experience of Balts is interesting. They since 1992 use system at which the manufacturer of heat should finish it warmly to individual thermal points in the house, and further tenants should create fellowships of proprietors of habitation and conclude with them the contract.

the Natural fear of Russians before monopolies can be overcome by means of a competition. Only not in the market, and for the market.

- the monopolist cannot appear spontaneously, he should earn this place, - Olga Dolgova has offered the director for development of association of the enterprises of housing and communal services. - That is it turns out that the competition goes not in the market, and for the market. It is clear that it is monopoly. Water in a city - one water canal, heat is a pure monopoly. However the monopolist should earn, receive this place it as a competition.

but this way too has opponents.

- the matter is that there is other monopoly, - the first deputy of the sales manager of joint-stock company " has told; SAMUEK Valery Syzrantsev. - We speak: let`s refuse services Samaraenergo we will start to build kryshnye boiler-houses. In the first case - a monopolist Samaraenergo it is replaced with a monopolist Mezhregiongaz . About what competition there can be a speech in a heat supply? Water supply? Naturally, it is exclusive kinds of activity and they them remain.

a communal flat the private trader will rescue?

it is traditional in mass consciousness a private trader it is conceived as the grabber and the especial egoist thinking only about own profit. There`s nothing to be done, so we were nurtured by last 10 years. The profit for any commercial organisation is, of course, important. However the housing and communal services sphere has a number of features. First of all, this service eternal it is constant business. The person can refuse any excesses, but not from heating, an electricity, water. This circumstance, a guarantee of tomorrow - strongly involves the private capital.

in Pleasant, for example, a way out of our difficulty of municipal problems partly have found in the invitation of the private organisation. And private traders have approached to a problem, proceeding from population possibilities.

- we have counted, how much the population can pay, - Olga Dolgova has declared. - Also have told to deputies that we will make for this sum. And deputies have told - yes! That is the administration says that money is not present, and the population can pay. 100 % have as a result turned out not. However this variant suited all.

nevertheless any private trader who has come to system of housing and communal services, the first some years will work to itself at a loss. And the population is not always ready to accept municipal businessmen .

- For today only the big business can solve this problem, otherwise we simply will prolong an agony further, - the mayor of Tchapaevsk Nikolay Malakhov declares. - we say that very big investments are necessary to us that 70 and more percent of networks should be changed. The small organisation can? Yes is not present! She can guide a cosmetic order. And to involve the powerful organisation, there is no standard base which could interest this business.

that will be, if people learn the rights?

Tell fairly - you know well, on what have the right, and on what is not present? In that is continually. And by the way, in the Civil code of item 616 (the second part) it is told that the citizen has the right, if the tenant does not carry out the obligations, to show it claims in court, or to carry own expenses for the rent bill. That is actually he has the right not to pay. However, what will be, if all learn and will not pay? After all there are certain specifications - both on hot, and on cold water. And under these specifications it is possible to tell accurately, how much it is necessary to allocate means for housing and communal services for realisation of all these moments. But again all rests against money. These means are not present at any level. It is necessary to hope for ward of a private trader only?

Nevertheless which - what to make all - taki it is possible. For example, to conclude direct contractual relations with the manufacturer housing - utilities. And that turns out: I money to crying, but I do not know, to whom I cry them. I cannot demand, because directly I do not leave on manufacturers of services, I leave on the organisation - housing and communal services. And if regarding maintenance service is a direct manufacturer of services, and in a part teplovodosnabzhenija is an intermediary.

one more mechanism is a recalculation. Pleases that the increasing quantity of townspeople uses this form to defend the rights. And recalculation, as a rule, do.


- the main housing inspector across the Samara region Alexey Kazadaev;
- the first deputy of head of Novokuybyshevsk Alexey Shevjakov;
- the mayor of Tchapaevsk Nikolay Malakhov;
- the first deputy of the sales manager of joint-stock company SAMUEK Valery Syzrantsev;
- the director for development of association of the enterprises of housing and communal services Olga Dolgova;
- the citizen of Samara Victor Abarin;
- the citizen of Samara Vladimir Vishnevetsky.

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