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The pensioner has driven a self-locking device almost 30 countries

Having worked all life the doctor first aid Tatyana Guzova from Novokuybyshevsk has retired. However about quiet rest there was no also a speech: having hung up for a back a backpack, the pensioner has gone... To travel all over the world. However, not in absolutely usual way - a self-locking device.

a virus of travel has caught on to the Pear

Tatyana Guzovoj`s Hobbies are rather various: mountain skiing, tourism and even flights on a hang-glider. It does not pass any Grushinsky festival. By the way, the author`s song as a result has appeared it is guilty that we zemljachka has appeared on the very brink of light.

- in 1999 on to the Pear I have got acquainted with the president of the Moscow school of a self-locking device Valery Shanin, - Tatyana Aleksandrovna remembers. - Has learnt that it organises round-the-world tour Has got acquainted with children from academy of extreme travel. And such interesting to me it seemed that has decided to try itself also. As my younger son Mark already travelled a self-locking device. It, by the way, was one of the few who did not concern it with irony.

the pensioner also has gone to Moscow - whence seven together and startanuli... By train to Bashkiria. Further on poputkah have proceeded to Mongolia - and so the first travel of pensioner Guzovoj from which it has returned only in one and a half year has begun.

... And with the Copenhagen mermaid.

In a backpack - only a skin, ahead - Australia

In the first travel Tatyana Guzova has visited nine countries of the world. Among them China, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. In East Timor at that time there were operations, therefore to Australia in which our heroine has stayed almost year, it was necessary to fly by the United Nations plane. A news about itself home sent through the Internet. Spent the night in monasteries of different faiths, in Russian cultural centres, sometimes and simply on the nature, having spread a skin.

- the main thing in a backpack avtostopshchika - the skin, - imparts experience Tatyana Guzova.

- the Backpack should be small, kgs on 40 - 50, it is desirable, that between feet was located, that in a cabin of the car it is a lot of place not to occupy. Superfluous things in a backpack a self-locking device - shchika are not present - a skin, a notebook and the handle. Sometimes there are products on one meal., For example, the kettle which I in the first travel took very was useful to me. Especially it has gained us in Laotian jungle.

the impressions brought from this trip, you will not retell. Most of all it was pleasant newly made stopshchitse life in Australia - there not only many Russian emigrants, but also to impecunious wanderers the complacent relation. Four months the Samara pensioner worked on the Australian flower farm. Paid not bad...

in Australia, nearby to Canberra, the former ardent atheist Tatyana Aleksandrovna has accepted baptism on an old ceremonial.

and houses the traveller waited sons and two grand daughters, Marina and Eve. The grandmother has seen for the first time last, when to the girl was nine months.

abroad, abroad...

After returning Tatyana Guzova has organised self-locking device school in Samara, on 116 km. And summer of last year it has driven on eight countries of Europe.

Tatyana Aleksandrovna has made the third travel past summer. This time the road has resulted it to Italy. However makaronniki have given Russian an unpleasant surprise. In a city of Bari Tatyana Aleksandrovna with the companion Nelej have come on a beach. Having decided to bathe in the sea, women have left backpacks ashore. And having returned, have found out that money and documents of Nelli have stolen...

- money - that there all evrikov 200 was, - Tatyana Aleksandrovna tells, - and here with documents it has turned out more difficult. When us have plundered, we could not leave incorporated Europe. Only in our Roman consulate after much persuasion Nelli have given out necessary inquiries.

however women nevertheless have gone also to Greece. To earn it is a little money for a way back, Russian travellers - ekstremalki have found decent firm where in it paid on 700 euros a month.

in the end of September the brave pensioner has safely stepped into the Samara earth.

and now earns on a new self-locking device - voyage - in the summer Tatyana Aleksandrovna is going to visit India...

Elena YELIZAROV , Olga YEVSTIGNEYEV . A photo from archive Tatyanas GUZOVOJ .