Rus News Journal

In Samara there has passed wedding on - black

Znakomstvo Sashi and Lena has occurred in May, 2001 at will of Leninyh of girl-friends.

- as soon as I have seen it, then have fallen in love, - have shared with charming Lena. - for my part it there was a love at first sight!

but Sasha long thought, it not at once has reached, it has found what happiness. According to the young wife, it of the first has started to look after the young man. And approximately a year later heart of the young man has thawed... At heart Sasha the romanticist, and, is natural that it looked after accordingly.

- it at me the present talent! - Elena exclaims. - besides that he excellently plays a guitar and sings songs. So specially for me he has composed a song.

at date of sacred Valentine enamoured it is necessary to give each other gifts. And so the pair has made the mutual decision that these gifts should be made by the hands. Sasha has made an astounding beads of hearts. And Lena to it has presented a box in the form of heart in which 50 small hearts lay, on each of which, has been written what it most - most .

in general, have decided to get married. Have appointed wedding to December, 27th.

- but to us it would be desirable earlier, and managing a registry office that on the Grain area, has met us, - tell a newly-married couple. - for it to it many thanks.

on November, 26th groom Sasha and the bride Lena have arrived to a registry office. But it has appeared that indoors... There is no electricity and strongly smells as ashes. It was found out that the day before in the next building there was a fire. But the desire to become lawful spouses was so is great that young, despite malotorzhestvennuju conditions - darkness and an unpleasant smell - were bravely put by signatures in the marriage certficate.

- but at us now the exclusive marriage certficate, - is proud Elena has informed. - to usual steams it print on the computer, to us have handwritten. In general, romanticism full!