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Samokhin`s Anna has exchanged Peter for Tolyatti

After 10 - a summer break the sexiest actress of a domestic cinema (so it names critics) Samokhin`s Anna leaves again on a scenic stage. And and not in Moscow or Peter, and at our Tolyatti theatre the Wheel .

- Anna Vladlenovna was tired of cinema, - has told - Samara theatre director Vladimir Jastrebov. - therefore also has decided to step on the stage. Why at our theatre? By and large we are obliged by it to the great friend Wheels - to Sergey Sychev who is on friendly terms with it. It was its idea - to call Samokhin to play our theatre. And then, having received the consent of the actress, has brought it to Tolyatti. Negotiations lasted about two months.

the first three-day rehearsal for the sake of which Anna specially came from Peter together with the husband Evgenie has some days ago come to the end. As it became known - Samara Some performances were offered to the actress, but its choice has fallen on Josephine and Bonaparte directed by the director of theatre Anatoly Morozova. The premiere of performance will take place in the beginning of March and will be dated for the International women`s day. Self-cinchona, which after a loud debut in a film Thieves in the law basically played femmes fatales, it is necessary to change image. According to the director, that it is necessary to see to spectators, will be for them a bolt from the blue.

the known actress all season will play Josephine. For this time for it will remove a hotel accommodation (for the period of the first rehearsal they with the husband lived in the Zhiguli ). By the way, in Samokhin`s Northern capital actively is engaged in business (together with the husband holds a network of the restaurants which have received popularity Count Suvorov ) . Therefore, if Samokhin nevertheless cannot arrive to Tolyatti, Josephine`s role syigraet the actress of theatre the Wheel Olga Samartseva. And the honoured artist of Russia Victor Dmitrys becomes Napoleon - that is the main workmate Self-cinchona-.

the INQUIRY - Samara

SAMOKHIN`S Anna has acted in film in several tens films of different genres - in comedies, detectives, insurgents, historical tapes. Popular became after execution of the main woman`s role Mercedes in George Jungvald`s film - Hilkevicha the Prisoner of Chateau d`If (1988). Now lives in St.-Petersburg.