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In province there will be an inspector with conditional term

As Sergey Ananev, the inspector of the October Municipal Department of Internal Affairs explained on court, he has dared at falsification of proofs because affairs in manufacture was much, the heads abused, and the witness on interrogation all in any way was not.

and has put here in what. Citizen Petrushin has appeared the unique eyewitness of a robbery of brothers of Dobrjaninyh. It has However, come while valorous guys have detained the pilferer. The criminal have taken away in branch, a legal investigation have charged Ananevu who took at once explanations from the witness.

but to pass a material in court, it was necessary to make also the interrogation report. Ananev some times called Petrushina, but that to communicate with representatives of the law in any way did not wish. And then Sergey Vladimirovich has decided to issue itself explanations of the eyewitness in the report. To business has approached creatively therefore the witness at it has turned to one of brothers and has changed a work place.

about such changes in the destiny Petrushin has learnt, when it have subpoenaed. Then he with amazement has found out the signature under the report.

- I did not undersign anywhere, and the inspector never saw, - he has declared to the judge.

Ananev has told that, having issued the report, it has left it on a table and has asked the colleague to give it for the signature called on this day to Petrushinu. Itself has left on a call. When has returned, on a paper already there was a necessary flourish. To doubt its authenticity it did not become and has filed the document.

such explanations have seemed to court the unpersuasive: except Ananeva nobody knew, Petrushin, and the report to anybody, except the inspector how undersigns, was not necessary. As a result of Sergey Ananeva recognised as guilty of falsification of proofs and have sentenced to three years conditionally. And only two of them on a judgement he cannot be engaged in remedial activity.