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To submit the declaration it is possible without leaving a study

Who will take in hand gazelles ?

- My name is Vladimir, at me such question. Recently there were conversations that in gazeljah there will be cash registers, but further conversations business is not has gone. As they went without cash registers, and go, give any tickets.

M. N: - Tickets as forms of the strict reporting for fixed-route taxis are not provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation. The cash register at them should be necessarily. In this direction checks by workers of tax service are regularly held.

- on tickets cost, and in the evenings tickets very often is not specified and at all do not give.

M. N: - In the case specified by you they risk to undergo to penal sanctions from 33 to 44 thousand. And after the same organisation will be caught on it twice the attention to the question on licence deprivation will be brought. If to you there are similar cases, you can inform on it in tax inspections. Then check will be spent.

- hello, I now study at institute. At us pay the grant not on 400 roubles as it is necessary, and on some roubles it is less. We from the grant too pay taxes?

M. N: - From the grant of any taxes you do not pay. Why from you keep some roubles every month, not clearly. Behind explanations it is better to be converted into high school administration. The incomes received from the state in the form of grants, the state pensions, grants and other, are not subject to the taxation according to article 217 NK the Russian Federation.

- good afternoon, my name is Sergey. Tell, please, today in Samara a large quantity of the small markets where pensioners trade in cabbage, carrot. Leah they should pay taxes?

M. N: - Is not present, they do not pay for it of any taxes as trade in products from the part-time farm. If they sell, for example, cigarettes in this case taxes from them are due. Tax departments periodically spend spot-checks which reveal careless tax bearers.

- good afternoon, me Olga call. I handed over three years ago documents on INN reception. But to take away and could not, at first there was no time, has then forgotten. Here tell, now it not late to receive?

M. N: - Is not present, not late. Approach, receive.

- and if I and do not receive it, it threatens me with something?

M. N: - At you as those problems will not be. But there will come the moment when the INN will be necessary for you. For example, without an INN it will be impossible to use privileges on surtax. Therefore it is better to make it in advance.

From rouble of 35 copecks give!

- Good afternoon, my name is Tatyana. Prompt, the person who has won in a lottery, how much should give to the state?

M. N: - 35 irrespective of the fact which a prize. From each rouble of 35 copecks give.

- and it is pure on - chelovecheski you consider, it is fair?

M. N: - On - chelovecheski to see unpleasant enough to me every month surtax deduction in the settlement leaf. And the debt obliges. I think, all mankind from the Old testament when for the first time there was a concept about taxes, was not agreed with the taxation, but it is pure on - chelovecheski.

- Now in many lotteries apartments are played. And if the person wins apartment, it too owes money?

M. N: - Certainly to pay the tax it is necessary from any prize. If it is apartment, 35 from the prize sum.

- my name is Sergey, I am engaged in enterprise activity which is connected with computers. And these incomes anywhere I do not specify. What to me in this case threatens?

M. N: - you should come following the results of a year to tax inspection in a residence and submit the declaration for the sum which you have earned. But within a year you break the legislation as be engaged in illegal enterprise activity. And it threatens with penal sanctions. We advise to you officially to register your activity and to pay taxes according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

- from what sum it is necessary to submit the declaration?

M. N: - Since one copeck. You have earned 10 roubles, are obliged to specify it in the declaration and to pay surtax.

- good afternoon. Andrey, the city of Samara. The wife was the proprietor of actions, we have sold them. Now we should wait, when the notification message about tax payment will come?

M. N: - Is not present, you are obliged to come to tax inspection in a residence and to declare this income. Notification messages from tax inspection will not be. It we wait for you. If you submit every year the declaration, simply include there and this income of sale of securities.

how to submit the declaration through the Internet

is a chief accountant of hostel you disturbs. At me such question: are how much lawful to deliver requirements of tax inspection the report on diskettes?

M. N: - If you deliver the report on a diskette pass out of turn. Besides, since this week, we involve still representatives of auditor firm who will help tax bearers to make out the documentation on the magnetic carrier.

Now at us an order of 600 organisations report thus. But already and a diskette - the last century. I will recommend to you to use an electronic communication channel. To submit the declaration or other reporting, you should not even leave the office. For this purpose it is necessary for you to be converted into the Information medical centre by phone 64 - 12 - 90 or 64 - 12 - 91, it is telecommunications operator with which management has concluded the contract. They give you software product, directories, establish an electronic box and make an electronic key. That is the signature at you will be in the form of a bar code. Simultaneously the telecommunications operator conducts control on correctness of filling of the declaration. Besides, all changes in tax declarations will be automatically lead up to the organisation which uses the given service. For the present not all tax inspections can carry out reception of declarations and the tax reporting on electronic communications mediums. Our inspection of October area has passed to electronic data handling on electronic communication channels of one of the first.


Musa Nazipovich Ziganshin

Was born on September, 7th, 1958. In 1984 has finished Kuibyshev planned institute on a speciality industry accounting. Since 1990 worked as the main tax inspector of the State tax inspection across the Samara region. Since 1992 - the deputy chief of department of the taxation and profit. Since 1999 - the chief of department other tax and nenalogovyh. Since February, 2003 Samara supervises over tax inspection of October area. It is single, two children.