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On KVN rich men will get only?

the message that to Samara there will arrive Alexander Maslyakov - the senior together with three leading commands of KVN, was carried on a city at lightning speed. Greedy to humour samartsy actively discussed this unknown news. However the enthusiasm of the majority was cooled by prospective cost of tickets. On a city the hearing persistently went that the place price begins from 800 roubles. And there was then another - that all tickets in MTL - Arena also have been at all sold in the first day. has decided to clear up a situation and to learn that occurs actually.

as to us have informed in MTL - Arena for today of 80 percent of tickets for KVN are already sold. Free there were only places in cost in 1000 - 1200 roubles. Have bought up tickets basically hungry students of the Samara high schools and men of means of a city. About students, by the way, anything surprising is not present. When in cash desks have started to sell tickets, their price began from 300 roubles. Not bad have gone also the VIP - places on 1500 roubles for a ticket. As organizers expect, all 3000 places will be already reserved in the near future. And to make comments dearness of tickets organizers of tours have refused.


Conversations that in Samara kaveenshchiki will play the ending, have appeared strongly exaggerated. Commands really will win back in province capital the final program, however jury at a concert any more will not be. The ending will pass slightly earlier, on December, 17th, in Moscow. But samartsy can learn before television display who as a result became among cheerful and resourceful the champion. According to organizers of the project, such tour will pass for the first time. And Samara is awarded such honour because by quantity of the population and on level of economic development our city does not lag behind almost both capitals.