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The Mitkovsky love breaks records

At mitkov, as well as heart always opened ik to love ready is necessary to great artists. Here and this time they have with all the heart responded napredlozhenie critic Sergey Danishevsky and actors of theatre “ AHE “ to plunge into romanticism. The idea is simple, nomasshtabna: to make the greatest in the world a card in the size 10 on 15μεςπξβ from which underside any Petersburger can napisatobjasnenie in love.

- represent that will be, when hundred thousand persons odnovremennopriznajutsja in the feelings! - anticipates hudruk theatre “ AHE “ Maxim Isaev.

On a card the lying girl by name of Estel with the letter otljubimogo, and under its bed - the sailor is represented. In a stripped vest and a peakless cap onoblachilsja from an easy hand mitkov, and before trade signs upersonazha it was not observed. But “ hudozhnikipokazali the primary source - the sketch of work of Paul Semchenko.

... For now are proud also of the sketch.
a photo: Timur of KHANS

- Estel sleeps and does not feel that the sailor under it spends the night, - prodeklamirovalekspromtom main mitek Mitja Shagin.

to Leave the autograph on 100 - the kilogramme message and to write gentle slovamozhno ασδες23 June in the Peter and Paul Fortress. In the same place representatives Knigi Ginnessai will fix a record.

Alexander GORELIK
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