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If the friend has appeared suddenly under car wheels

Here and have fallen down us such delights winters, as ice, snow, low visibility on roads. It conducts all to quantity increase dorozhno - transport incidents. And their victims become not only people, but also dumb animals.

the pit bull terrier was rescued by the tyre from branches

the Aster lives at Alexey Tarakanova one and a half year. And three months ago they with the owner were presented to test a case the friendship for a strong hold. During late vesper walk the dog who has run out on road has got under wheels rushing Fields . The driver of an off-road car has not stopped at all, and the owner remained with the crippled animal in private. Alexey has suspected that at it pitomitsy the hinder leg is broken. But time was already later, and to carry skotinku to the veterinary surgeon it was not meaningful. However the owner has not become puzzled and has imposed on a foot to a dog the improvised tyre from branches rolling at road.

In vetkliniku pitbulka has got only next morning. After survey it has appeared that it is necessary for dog to put device Ilizarova. Operation has been spent successfully as veterinary surgeon Vladimir Vankov already spent similar procedure. Fortunately, crisis at the Aster has begun to live, and some days ago device Ilizarova from a paw of the poor fellow have removed.

the cat has sustained weight in one and a half ton

After Mike`s accident does not climb down from Nikolay`s hands.

Mike living at samartsa of Nikolay Malyhina`s the Six-month-old three-coloured cat, was not afraid of cars never. Her mother - Milka - has accustomed a kitten to be heated from the engine master`s the eights and both cats quite often got under the car and slept that is called, in heat and comfort. For this habit they also have paid. Once mum Milka has run out from a court yard. However the cat was not afraid of cars and, according to eyewitnesses, practically at once has pleased under a car. To a daughter has carried more.

To the owner there has on a visit arrived brother Anatoly. Without reflecting, the cat has climbed to get warm under it to ten . Also has not noticed, when the man has got the car to leave. The polutoratonnaja large object has got under way from a place and in all weight has pressed down a cat to the earth. However, completely to move its all - taki were not in time. Fortunately, Anatoly has heard peep under car, and has jumped out to look. A cat have safely taken from - under wheels. However to the doctor the sufferer to bear did not hurry, as in appearance all at it like would be normal. Owners in some days when slackness and the apathy of the cat which has been written off on shock, not only have not passed have begun to worry, but also were aggravated. Having examined the victim, veterinary surgeon Vladimir Vankov nearly has not lost a speech power. It has appeared that all this time at the cat the liver and a diaphragm and an internal have been broken off have literally mixed up.

- we have performed Mike the most complicated operation, - Vladimir Aleksandrovich has told to us. - On a broader scale a miracle that the cat with such internal damages, sustained such weight, has survived. Fortunately, we managed to rescue to Mike, and now her life out of danger.

After the transferred shocks character at a cat has changed a little. It does not climb down from hands of owner Nikolay Malyhina literally. And under Mike`s car does not lie any more. Unless will run fast that way to reduce...


What to do if your animal was run over by a car:

Frequently road accidents occur to participation of animals far from the house, on walk, on the nature or is simple late at night as it has occurred to the Aster. And the competent help of the veterinary surgeon appears temporarily inaccessible. In this case to render first aid it is necessary to the owner of the suffered beast.

1. Give to the pupil any human anaesthetising - analginum, a Dimedrol, baralgin.

2. Immobilise an animal that or otherwise (here it is possible to use any make-shifts - sticks, branches. If the back extremity is hurt, it can be adhered to healthy).

3. It is necessary to take measures on preventive maintenance purulent - inflammatory complications - give to the pupil antibiotics (for example, tetratsiklin or tsiprolet).

4. Open damages need to be washed out peroxide of hydrogen and to apply an aseptic bandage if at the pupil the closed crisis impose a place of a trauma with an artificial ice (it is in each automobile first-aid set).

5. Immediately bring the pupil to the veterinary surgeon! Do not hope that all as - nibud will begin to live itself! Many internal damages can auknutsja to your pupil after some days or even weeks.