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The girl has bitten... A rat!

leaving with friends to take a walk, twelve years Ksjusha Bolotin and could not assume that already in half an hour will get to surgical branch of hospital of Pirogova...

- this day, on November, 15th, we have gone on a visit to relatives to Solar microdistrict, - tells Ksjusha, - parents remained to be at home, and I with little girls have gone on street. There was nothing to do, we loafed on a court yard and near a cellar of one of houses have seen a rat. Little girls have told that she house, and I has decided to catch it and to bring home.

With the girl-friend have approached more close, the rat and did not think to escape. I have decided that if she is not afraid of us, it precisely manual. Has given a hand to it, and this krysjatina has stuck to me into a finger, yes so is sick that I have cried...

parents have brought frightened crying Ksjushu to children`s surgical branch of hospital of Pirogova where it became at once the heroine of day. Neither nurses, nor doctors of similar cases in the practice did not meet.

in surgical branch, instead of the put six days, Ksjusha has lain only two. Doctors have considered that the status of the girl does not call fear, and have released it home.

- But how much to me have made having pricked, - Ksjusha sighs, - only in their first day was 7, then began to prick every other day, on 3 anti-inflammatory pricks. Now I go in 9 - ju a medical medical unit every week where to me do preventive injections against furiousness. Well though koljat not in a stomach, and in a hand, differently I to last prick which to me is appointed to January, 3rd, probably, not doterpela.

Ksjushe has strongly carried that it has not picked up any disease from the offender. After all rats are messengers of many infectious diseases, these small, but very dangerous rodents transfer a plague, the mouse fever, almost all kinds of a hepatitis and even a HIV - an infection.


Rimma Galimov, managing department prirodno - ochagovyh infections regional SES:

- Rodents are carriers of many diseases, including GLPS and furiousness. In 2000 the case of furiousness at a rat has been registered. Suffered from a sting it was necessary to do inoculations. Last week in the Samara region 51 case with suspicion on GLPS has been fixed. It hardly more usual, but is explainable: the season of lifting of disease gemorragicheskoj is now observed by a fever. More than 60 percent of territory of our province are in a zone of the natural centre of this disease, and its activization increases from - for growth of number of the infected rodents (basically, red polevki). People need to be more careful: at once to be converted into district clinics behind the help to rabiologam and to do inoculations.

GLPS - gemorragicheskaja a fever with a nephritic syndrome. Infection occurs air - dust way, instead of at stings.


How to banish rats

If in your apartment, an entrance or in a court yard rodents or insects (cockroaches, red ants or not clearly whence undertaken small are noticed, but very importunate front sights), do not hope at random.

Be converted in regional SES - experts will prompt you addresses and phones of the firms which are engaged in disinfection.

SES/ d area: 66 - 12 - 39
SES October area: 34 - 14 - 10
SES the Soviet area: 62 - 77 - 27
Industrial region SES: 92 - 58 - 01
SES Lenin area: 36 - 53 - 32
SES the Kirov area: 96 - 80 - 44
City SES: 32 - 53 - 85
Regional SES: 60 - 37 - 97

Marina Bakumova.