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And Ljubovi the help

Mum Zuhra is necessary to belief, Hope knocked on all doors to achieve the help. SHubkovym there is no place to live: the house in village old and is in several kilometres from the centre. And in Samara where there has arrived on earnings the father - hero Sergey, Shubkovy rent a room in 9 square metres. What to speak about expensive baby food and pampers.

and after all now to mum having many children not before purchase of diapers. Babes need to pass medical examination. At a birth at Belief (born hardly before sisters) ultrasonic has shown only one kidney. It was not found out in other babes of similar anomaly. Doctors hope that the gone kidney at repeated inspection will be found.

officials of a problem of a family of Shubkovyh do not stir, representatives of the power have shown a bit of generosity only on three cots, even on mattresses of money not naskrebli.

- There was a Day of mother and the child, - tells Zuhra Shubkova. - So us not only in any way have not congratulated, even packs of pampers have not given to us. Have told that it is a lot of you such.

but our readers have responded. Young mummies brought pampers and snow-white lacy toddlers. And last gift for trojnjashek has come from Syzran from I. V.Lutkovoj. In the parcel post there were children`s clothes which we have passed Zuhre.